I dropped the toaster on my toe……

Great title isn’t it?
It’s true.. queen klutz here was cleaning..
moved the toaster… and, POW!

In other news…

Blogging later today

Now playing

A.cian – Ouch

I have no idea who this group is.. but,
after the day I have had, I got a kick out of the title!

So… anyone have an English translation? lol.

A bit about my outfit…

I recently was accepted into the NS:: bloggers group.
Nani is a friend of mine so, I wanted to make her smile.
So, I grabbed the sweater that was in the history… and the boots, I will blog soon..
And, I wanted to show her how big of a fan I am by sharing this cute belt that I have had for…
well.. forever… So, I do not know if it is still available.. but, if you have it,
It’s still one of my fav accessories!


For those out there that have been stalking my youtube channel..
I -will- be doing a follow up review of the Belleza mesh body updates.. click here to see the first.
For now, these pants I am wearing, these were a trip!
They do not have a Belleza applier however, thanks to Shae,
I learned the way to MAKE them Belleza appliers, lol.

Go to Love N Lust Designs and buy the Omega Belleza Relay AND,
the dev kit.
They are both free!
I think you may need to join the group but, it’s free to join.

Then go somewhere with scripts and rez rights.
Wear your relay.
Drop the right omega hud on the ground..
ex: pants, top, etc.
as well as the phat azz hud..
copy the note card from the phat azz into your inventory then,
drag it into the omega hud.
Just wear and choose your poison!

As you can see my Cynful jeans, look AWESOME!

Another cool fact…
these shoes..
THEY are adapted for Belleza bodies!
And MEOW are they ever HOT!
They are from, Nardcotix!

Now, I am going to relax,
soak my poor foot in some warm water and,
pray that I do not get a nasty blister.

and shop… hopefully for that gorgeous,
Little Bones hair that is at the Secret Affair…

Wish me luck!

PS….. strange thing  just happened to me….

[13:13] “interesting lady”: hi
[13:13] “interesting lady”: morgana
[13:13] мσяgιє (morgana.hilra): hello?
[13:14] “interesting lady”: :>
[13:14] “interesting lady”: i am trying out my new hub hug
[13:14] “interesting lady”: may i hug u
[13:14] мσяgιє (morgana.hilra): uhh… ok
-hug pursues-
[13:16] “interesting lady”: thanx
[13:16] “interesting lady”: morgana
[13:17] мσяgιє (morgana.hilra): lol np.. lol

Well.. I can not claim today to be boring…..



Skin | -Belleza- | Grace Med 9 Br | shyla diggs / Tricky Boucher | New Release

Hair | little bones. | Oracle – Landslide | nova faerye | @Collabor88 (Nov. 2014)

Eyes | Dead Apples | Nebula Blue | Soleil Reid |

Lashes | Maxi Gossamer | Eyelashes – Party – Inverted Crown – BLACK | Maxi Gossamer |

Ears | MANDALA | ELF EARS SImple | kikunosuke Eel |

Body | -Belleza- | Venus | Tricky Boucher | New Update Release

Shape | So Hawt SL Shapes | Eli – Rare | Morgana Hilra | @Erotigacha (Nov. 2014) -ADULT | Last Day!




Top | NS:: |  Mesh Skeleton Sweater | nani soulsta

Pants | [Cynful] | Eve Britches – Olive | @The Dressing Room Fusion(Nov. 2014)


Bows | [MANDALA] | SHIPPOAH Jewelry set -BLACK- kikunosuke Eel | @Xiasumi School Festival(Nov. 2014)

Necklace | Maxi Gossamer | Ukai’s Talismans | Maxi Gossamer


Heels | _Nardcotix | Liz Stiletto Suede Black (BELLEZA) |Nardya Rousselot


Poses | //elephante poses// | Faith | melissajeanne flores | New Release

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