Books are the most dangerous tools……

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Books contain words and,
words have the power to change us….

I have always wanted to be a writer…
to change hearts and minds all over the world…

I wish for the ability to touch someone’s spirit…
to help mold their fate….

Since this is but a pipe dream….
for now….
I have decided to make a project I had been thinking about creating…
a reality…

I had this idea to make a second blog…
dedicated to other bloggers and their work…

We all work so hard to bring you all our idea of beauty and,

Us, as bloggers, know that there are so many of us…
trying to show our work, and competing with other bloggers but,
in my mind..
I do not see why it should be a competition…
I feel, we all have a different style..
and, our work should be celebrated and shared.

Where would we be without the support of our friends, other bloggers,
our mentors or, blogger support groups like,
[SL] Blogger Support ?

I for one, am thankful for all the advice and support that,
friends and, other bloggers have given me over the past four years….

So I have decided to pay it forward..

Diamonds in the SL Sky,
is my project to share some amazingly creative bloggers,
I have had the pleasure of reading..

It could be anything that draws me to the blog…
photos, writing, support that the author offers other bloggers….

Whatever it is…
I hope that with this project…
I can offer support or, maybe just brighten someone’s day a little..

I will also be visiting the blog links offered on my special blogger link page..
Share YOUR Blog..

These are new and, veteran bloggers alike…

for now all I can share on Diamonds in the SL Sky,
are wordpress blogs as they are the only ones with the “reblog” option..
This is how I must share them on the blog but,
do not get discouraged if your blog is not on wordpress..

I will also share random blogs on my twitter or,
my plurk

Due to a wordpress glitch,
some photos may appear “blackened” on the layout I have chosen…
It’s my favorite layout because it hides the tags on the main page and,
groups the posts in like a photography page..
Just click the “blackened” area and it will take you to wonderland!

Please remember to visit the writers blogs..
to do this, just click the “Originally posted on” link.

These bloggers work so hard…
I hope to give them a bit of encouragement and, recognition.

So, that is all for now… time to share this amazing outfit..

Thank you to everyone..
readers, designers, support groups and, other bloggers..
for all the support over the years.

And to all you bloggers out there in Second Life Land…

Shine bright like a Diamond!



Skin | Essences | Loulou – Medium01 | inka mexicola | @The Dressing Room Fusion (Nov. 2014)

Hair | D!va | Rosa – Rhodolite  | Marisa Kira | @Collabor88 (Nov. 2014)

Horns | +Half-Deer+ | Hesperia Horns | halogen magic | @Collabor88 (Nov. 2014)

Eyes | IKON | Ascension Eyes – Clarity | Ikon Innovia |

Lashes Set | -Glam Affair – | Shironuri Lashes 1 – FatPack | M4ri1yn Magic |

Hands | Slink |  AvEnhance Hands Female – Splayed | Siddean Munro |

Feet | Slink |  AvEnhance Feet Female – Flat | Siddean Munro |

Ears | MANDALA | ELF EARS SImple | kikunosuke Eel |

Teeth | ILLMATIC | The Perfect Teeth – Platinum | kaiden trill |

Booty: N/A

Shape | So Hawt SL Shapes | Eli – Rare | Morgana Hilra | @Erotigacha (Nov. 2014) -ADULT


Tattoo | elska | Wildflower {Light} | alexandria enchanted | @Thrift Shop 7.0 (Nov. 2014)

Nail Polish | League | Natural French Manicure Fingernails | Nena Janus


Outfit | Alchemy | The Magi – Air  – RARE #7 |  tyr rozenblum / nina helix | @The Fantasy Gacha Carnival (Nov. 2014)


Necklaces/Bracelets | Various Banjara | Zaara Kohime | @Collabor88 (Nov. 2014)

Cute Pet | Alchemy |Fennec The Great – Dark  RARE | tyr rozenblum / nina helix | @The Fantasy Gacha Carnival (Nov. 2014)

Book | Alchemy | The Magi – Spell Book – Air  – RARE | tyr rozenblum / nina helix | @The Fantasy Gacha Carnival (Nov. 2014)

Rings | Yummy | Elemental Ring Set | Polyester Partridge | @Collabor88 (Nov. 2014)


Pure Poison | Shay Sandals | Shaleene Kenin |


Various | Bauhaus Movement | LouLou Teichmann |

6 thoughts on “Books are the most dangerous tools……

  1. great thoughts and like the words as it should not be so competitive vying for everyone ~ everyone does have their own style …… nice job on the pics and the blog

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