I am… BEYOND, excited!

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Aw what a cute lil devil

WOW! I totally meant to have this posted yesterday!
Never underestimation the power of the afternoon nap!
If you are like me and need that short recharge through out the day…
don’t miss it!

I had such a great day yesterday..
starting with real life getting a great kick start..
Jeff being uber aware of how I had been feeling and making a funny with the ice cream..
Rolo for my yoyoing second life and cookie dough for my DOH moments in RL…

Also, Jeff’s family finally sold their house for over double their hopeful price!
well, for more the what they thought the house was worth when they first put it up for sale.
So this means his extremely ill father will be able to move into the city..
Be close to us, and to doctors and such.
And an easier life for them… which is what we all want..

Then logging into Second Life, Halogen from Half Deer sent me the fatpack of horns,
for letting her know there was an error..
And, believe me, the horns at Collabor88 are sooo pretty…
I had trouble choosing the ones I wanted to get…
So, when I first bought them I got the black and silver so that they would go with anything…
and now I have them ALL!!!
THANK YOU, Halogen!!!!!

So, here I am… yesterday..
Putting together an awesome outfit to share with you…
And, this beautiful skin from, Glam Affair…
my biggest concern being whether or to blog all the skins at once or,
break them up, like I have done here… and blog them in groups of 8 through out,
a couple blog posts….

Like this beautiful Lauren in, America tone!

Aw what a cute lil devil2

And don’t forget another GORGEOUS hair from, Tableau Vivant!!!!!!
And of course, I would not possibly NOT wear my favorite new hud that is only available in the factpack.
Listed everything below!!

Also, have you ever gone to an event with limited funds,
looked around at things that are just not rezzing for you only to find out…
that one of your FAVORITE designers are at the event and you have already spent almost all of your lindens?
That was me yesterday at Collabor88 when I saw ZAARA!
I just about kicked myself but,
I managed to grab just enough off Jared (my alt) to pick up a couple really cute items.
Trust me, as soon as possible, I will be back for the rest…
don’t forget to look for her store.

And I am thinking, no way could this day get any better…
So, I take a break, log off… fix up my pretty photos to share with you…..

Have a cat nap… which is like, closing your eyes for a while, 5-15 mins and,
waking up for the next challenge.. lol…

Had supper, hung out with Tiseral.. played Guild Wars 2!

Then, got a bit tired, thinking, I will just have another cat nap… my blog will be here when I wake..
only to pass out for hours!

However, I still had it in my mind, that yesterday could not get any better…
Oh how wrong I was….

I applied to one of We Do SL’s BIGGEST events..
Now, I did not know if I would get in…
I had applied to other events and, been disappointed not to be chosen but,
I just rolled with it….



And, I got this message while offline when my tablet decided to suddenly,
turn on, grab a weak wifi signal in the air and send me messages in a constant stream!

So, ladies and gents!

You are now looking at one of,
We do SL Bloggers for,….


And… I am so, EXCITED!!!!!!

It has been a GREAT weekend so far…
and after a bad week… this is a great way to finish..

I can not even tell you how excited I am…

Ok, ok. ok ok….

O K A Y!

hahhahaha, I better stop while I am ahead but,
if you would like more information on this awesome event as well as,
more events at We Do SL….
Please check the We Do SL website!

WeDo SL Events
Winter Trend SL 2014

And a special thank you to everyone that made me smile this weekend!
including those of you on facebook and, plurk!
You are all awesome and deserve the greatest hug!

I chose a few of you to send out random hugs to yesterday and,
if I helped to lighten your day… that makes the day even better for me!

Today proves something very important…

“When one door closes, another one opens!”

Congrats to all the other bloggers that were invited too,
Winter Trend SL 2014!




Skin | -Glam Affair | Lauren – America | Aida Ewing | @Collabor88 (Nov. 2014)

Hair | ~Tableau Vivant~ | Wicca hair – Chemistry HUD (Fatpack bonus) | M4ri1yn Magic | @Collabor88 (Nov. 2014)

Horns | +Half-Deer+ | Hesperia Horns | halogen magic | @Collabor88 (Nov. 2014)

Eyes | IKON | Ascension Eyes – Clarity | Ikon Innovia |

Lashes Set | .ARISE. | Eyelashes No. 1 | lonlysoule | @Fi Friday

Hands | Slink |  AvEnhance Hands Female – Splayed | Siddean Munro |

Feet | Slink |  AvEnhance Feet Female – High | Siddean Munro |

Ears | MANDALA | ELF EARS SImple | kikunosuke Eel |

Teeth | ILLMATIC |  The Perfect Teeth – Platinum | kaiden trill |

Booty: N/A

Shape | So Hawt SL Shapes | Shay | Morgana Hilra | @Erotigacha (Nov. 2014) -ADULT


Tattoo | elska | Wildflower {Light} | alexandria enchanted | @Thrift Shop 7.0 (Nov. 2014)

Nail Polish | Ma Vie. | Les Vernis – Winter Classy black | mavi beck | New Release


Top | .Atomic. | {Modern Kimono} Set 1 | Ivy Graves | @Collabor88 (Nov. 2014)

Pants | ISON |  side lace pants (black) | Harry Hyx | @Collabor88 (Nov. 2014)


Necklace | Zaara | Banjara silver choker | Zaara Kohime | @Collabor88 (Nov. 2014)

Bracelet | Zaara | Banjara kada bracelets | Zaara Kohime | @Collabor88 (Nov. 2014)


Boots | Blah. | ( My Petit Frill Boots ) Black | hoshi kimono | @BigShow (Nov. 2014)


Single Poses | elephante poses | Stabbed | melissajeanne flores |

Chair Prop | Every Pixel Is Art | Dark Throne | Verone Potez | @Uber (Nov 2014)

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