The Dirty Turkey Hunt 5.0




The Dirty Turkey Hunt 5.0

November 1 – 30, 2014

#01 Razor
Hint:  It put me in a daze…
#02 TartCake
Hint: it goes Beep Beep!
#03 Forever Young
Hint: Reading a friend a story
#04 Cute Poison  REMOVED
#05 1 Hundred
Hint: Step to It!
#06 7madRavens
Hint: That one eyed bastard killed Hershel.
#07 heathenesque
Hint: I love being fawned over….
#08 Epic
Hint: Dirty Turkeys like fat Kitties
#09 K-CODE
Hint: Find two girls: one in red, one in green.
#10 Leri Miles Designs
Hint: Willa and Tracey love the cold sweater weather!
#11 TnT Palais
Hint: Roses are red and so is my wine, refill my glass and I’ll be just fine.
#12 Somnia
Hint: Mc Dreamy got scared by the gobble gobble so he stuffed the prize behind the pillow.
#13 Miseria
Hint: I’m not the brightest bulb in the room :c
Hint: with eyes to see and ears to hear
#15 Sassy!
Hint: It’s over your head.
#16 Pink Sugah
Hint: Blissfully Unaware
Hint: Dont forget to grab some firewood for the cold nights!
#18 Infliction
Hint: Search through the leaves, don’t feed the sheep, and you will find a small surprise.
Hint: Take your seat, please!
#20 ZOZ
Hint: Applier Polish galore, come inside go left and through the door. In a room a sea of applier designs, a dirty little turkey lurks behind, a spot in that room that is easy to find.
#21 Luckie
Hint: All about them Hottie Shorties
#22 The Little Bat
Hint: These were made for walking!
#23 Tabou Irresistible  
Hint: I am ready to be dressed
#24 F.A.D.  
Hint: Festive
#25 BabyDoll.
Hint: Chandelier are a good way to light up your room…. :P
#26 HollyWeird
Hint: You may need to go out on a limb to find me…..
#27 elephante poses
Hint: “I gacha a love story!”
#28 Bella Elephante
Hint: What Does The Fox Say?
#29 CuteBomb Designs
Hint: Get Lucky
#30 OPAL  
Hint: Do you see any clothes around here?
#31 Flaws and All
Hint: Feeling lazy.
#32 PMS – Pimp My Shit
Hint: Led Zeppelin Hit “………… to Heaven”
#33 Perch
Hint: Stuff to Know!
#34 Dyer Maker  
Hint: You ever can find a treasure where rainbow ends
#35 K-Otic
Hint: The Bottom Shelf Collects the Most
#36 ToXiC HiGh  
Hint: There are bloody stuffed animals everywhere!
#37 Tiffany Designs
Hint: Enter in the store and look in the right. I am on the Facebook sign!
Hint: “look for a place to put your cut flowers”
#39 Slutcookie
Hint: “Your own personal Jesus” – Marilyn Manson
#40 Bad Apple Designs
Hint: Can you “C” me???? GACHA!
#41 Ducknipple
Hint: Move fast
#42 Insanya
Hint: Watch the news
#43 dollle
Hint: It’s getting cold. A sweater will keep you warm.
#44 ECCO Jewelry & Accessories
Hint: Would you like to call a friend for help?
#45 Etham
Hint: Near the scary couple
#46 B-Dazzled
Hint: “It could be a little dirty”
#47 Damselfly Hair  
Hint: Look up high and open your “eye” thats where you’ll find your free surprise.
#48 Masoom
Hint: Find me near something red
#49 whatever
Hint: Willy the Gardener made a huge mess in the Mainstore! He mistook the instructions and dumbed a lot leafs. Anna lost somewhere in them the Gift for you guys, can you help finding it?
#50 Heartistic  
Hint: These are so big!!! I could sleep in them…
#51 abrasive
Hint: Check out the Mesh Tees while you hunt
#52 LustRage  
Hint: This is alot of testing.
#53 Macabre
Hint: Just open your eyes, for see ,i’m online ? or offline
#54 Hogs and Cart Wheels
Hint: Lights, Camera, ACTION!!! See you at the Movies!
#55 Lumae
Hint: Yes, the River knows..
#56 Ma Vie
Hint: Number 5
#57 RnB Designs Furniture
Hint: If you want to use this Dirty Turkey you have to clean the turkey in the sink
Hint: La La La Deeeee
#59 Holli Pocket
Hint: These cuties enjoy their rings & chokers
#60 Fe Style
Hint: Bricks
#61 Sour Pickles
Hint: Check hint giver in store
#62 Something New
Hint: Happy thanks giving, your gift is with the baskets
#63 Plastik
Hint: Sugar high! Sugar sugar sugar! Meyahahahahauh.
#64 Morrigans Closet
Hint: It’s crazy in here!
#65 Horr Menswear
Hint: Hating all the faking and shaking while I’m breaking your brittle heart.
#66 Tattoo Mania   REMOVED
#67 Imajicas G-Spot Gestures
Hint: Get a Gacha!
#68 Kaithleen’s
Hint: I’m gonna fly so high!
#69 Endless Pain Tattoos
Hint: Take a seat (Fish Tank)
#70 Blow-Up
Hint: “After three cocktails I’m under the table”
#71 QE Designs
Hint: I promise there aren’t any creepy chicks down the _____.. The Ring was just a movie #duh.
#72 PixelGeek  REMOVED
#73 Grumble
Hint: Get social!
#74 Loulou&co
Hint: 25 cents for music
#75 Duh!
Hint: Dial it back a bit.
#76 B!ASTA
Hint: I guess somebody has caught this lamp with a lasso – at least that’s what it looks like.
#77 StormCrow Design’s
Hint: The Garden Goth Nymph is Protecting me!
#78 free bird
Hint: Everyone needs prayer flags!
#79 Body Factory 
Hint: take a look in the stairs
#80 SuPerBia
Hint: No more blind that who will not see
#81 bangles and baubles
Hint: Don’t touch that! Leaf it alone!
#82 Pink Acid
Hint: Lipstick bottle made for a giant
#83 Glitzz
Hint: “I love to decorate pumpkins!”
#84 Aphrodisiac
Hint: I stare out of the window and wait for you.
Hint: Is there a sewing machine in there?
#86 V-Spot
Hint: Below the crooked frame…
Hint: my shoes are made for dancing
#88 CUDI
Hint: you’re bright, you can figure it out
Hint: mmmm coffee
#90 Citrus
Hint: Without my hat, I’m just your garden variety five-foot tall talking girl cat..
#91 Speakeasy Tattoo Co.
Hint: This is where your story begins
#92 Myrai Style
Hint: They help you make sweet dreams
#93 Cubic Cherry Kre-ations
Hint: I see the moon and the stars
#94 Fujiwara’s World
Hint: How cute these sandals!
#95 MadPea
Hint: You look puzzled…
Hint: “Look for a dangerous Dame”
#97 MID Maribol Inshan Designs
Hint: Whatever the season, take time to smell the flowers!
#98 Diamante
Hint: Fierce as a lions roar….
#99 Latreia Footfashions
Hint: High Rollers… Latreia FootFashions AMAZING Hitop rollerskaters… have a look at its GIGANTIC Texture HUD
#100 Nani
Hint: Look high, look low. Look atop and below. Try your luck in finding me!
#101 bubble
Hint: Look around some seats
#102 Doll Boutique
Hint: Take inspiration from the 50’s to find the prize
#103 Klepsydra
Hint: Always from the heart
#104 BRAVURA! Homme
Hint: Look for the furry number, who’s eyes glow in the dark!
#105 Love Zombie
Hint: Wait, is that a.. turkey purse?
#106 OMG! Inc.
Hint: I am not a Dirty Turkey, I am just a an Angelic Turkey in red silks.
Hint: Sit down, relax and look around
#108 .SALT
Hint: Take a rest and sit down! Take the blanket if you feel cold.
#109 UtopiaH
Hint: Help! A skull ate me…
#110 U:Refined U.R. Fashion Designs
Hint: I just love to be dolled up!
#111 Twinkle
Hint: Yo ho, yo ho, a pirate’s life for me!
Hint: It’s all about the tight emply spaces… Let the birds lead you there!
#113 Catastrophe Designs
Hint: Careful not to scratch these when you pick up your prize
#114 7 Deadly sKins
Hint: All the hunting makes me hungry
#115 Urban Cherry
Hint: “These boots are made for walking”
#116 Goth1c0
Hint: Aaay Calaca, calavera! This pants fits me so big!
#117 Styled by Panda
Hint: I’ve got my eyes all over this!
#118 Atooly
Hint:  Stop pls! look up.
#119 Quoth the Ravenn
Hint: Who iknew? The turkey likes purple.
#121 Just Posing
Hint: Are You Ready to get stuffed?
#122 PICHI
#123 P3 Pixel Perfect Productions
Hint: You spin me right round, turkey, right round. Like a record, turkey, right round, round round! Look for the path!
#124 Juicy Booty
Hint: “Get wrapped up in these suckers”
#125 Chop Shop
Hint: Gacha Fanatik!
#126 Toxxic Pandora
Hint: I Mustache you a question!
#127 SwaggedOut
Hint: Kick back in “SWAG”.
#128 the pose shop.
Hint: the answer to the ultimate question of life, the universe, and everything.
#129 Kita’s Sideshow
Hint: Relax! This hunt isn’t your enemy! You’ll find the gift!
#130 Loordes of London
Hint: by the back door
#131 Carrie’s Lingerie
Hint: Wobble, Wobble, Wobble
Let’s hunt for Mr. Gobble
Your gift is adorable and desirable
#132 Twisted Barbie
Hint: A window of possibilities is at sea!
#133 M.Second
Hint: Relax! Harnesses and see a magazine!
#134 E C R U
Hint: Bonsai!
#135 Que Bella
Hint: Stairway to Blue Heaven!
#136 UNiQ PhaZe
Hint: take a minute to rest your feet

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