How to become the Queen of your school….

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How to become the Queen of your school

I will explain my simple answer to the query above in just a moment..
First I would love to talk about the skin above.

There is an event that has just started called, Xiasumi School Festival
For this event Aida, owner of Glam Affair, has released Skye 2 with,
School Girl make ups.

There are 8 makeups to choose from.
8 brow colors plus, a no brow option.
And two brow layers for those that choose the no brow option!

And now for the answer to the above…

It is a pretty simple procedure!

How to become the Queen of your school2

Eliminate the competition!

Please read below for all your event info!
And thank you to the kind designers that offer items to bloggers!
You are all awesome, and I hope you do great at all your events!


Skin | -Glam Affair | Skye II – Jamaica – School Girl | Aida Ewing | @Xiasumi School Festival (nov. 2014)

Hair | .Olive. | the Mir Hair – Unicorn Kisses | naminaeko | @Fantasy Gacha Carnival (Nov 4th opening)

Eyes | .random.Matter. | Salvatore Eyes – Bloody – Cobalt | nikohl hax | (please refer to note below)

Nail Polish | League |  Natural French Manicure Fingernails | Nena Janus

Lashes Set 1 |  Maxi Gossamer | Party – Inverted Crown – BLACK| Maxi Gossamer

Hands | Slink |  AvEnhance Hands Female – Gesture | Siddean Munro |

Ears | MANDALA | ELF EARS SImple | kikunosuke Eel |

Blood | Captive  | Shaman – Bloody Regard UNCOMMON | rhiver magic | @Fantasy Gacha Carnival (Nov 4th opening)

Booty: N/A

Shape | So Hawt SL Shapes | Erotigacha Exclusive – Eli Rare – Morgana Hilra | @Erotigacha (Nov. 2014) -ADULT

Tattoo | .Reckless. | Cornucopia | landon mode  | @sad november (nov. 2014)


Dress | The Sugar Garden | Sexy Miko – Baby Blue | eilfie sugarplum | @Xiasumi School Festival (nov. 2014)


Crown | Lost Junction | Adventurer’s Loot – Tiara – Silver | @Fantasy Gacha Carnival (Nov 4th opening)

Necklace | Captive | Shaman – Chest Bones (Bloody) | rhiver magic | @Fantasy Gacha Carnival (Nov 4th opening)

Knife | [NikitaFride] |Knife- Alice Avatar | Nikita Fride | (Past Gift)

Bracelet | Lost Junction | Adventurer’s Loot – Dragon Bracelet – Silver | rhiver magic |@Fantasy Gacha Carnival (Nov 4th opening)

Ring | Lost Junction | Adventurer’s Loot – Butterfly Ring – Silver| rhiver magic |@Fantasy Gacha Carnival (Nov 4th opening)


Shoes | fri.|Eve.Heels | Darling Monday | @Uber (Nov. 2014)

*Note – These eyes were at the Bloody Horror Fair but, I missed them, they were in the pack with other items I blogged.

*Note 2 – For more info and awesome picks please check,  eloquencesl for Xiasumi School Festival


Victim 1 |Boudoir | Covered Dead Body 1 | Precious Restless

Victim 2 |Boudoir | Dead Zombie | Precious Restless

Victim 3 |Boudoir |Bloody Male Body under the rug | Precious Restless

Victim 4 |Boudoir |The Witch is IN| Precious Restless


AO | AKEYO | PowerAO_KID150_HUD | artoo Magneto

8 thoughts on “How to become the Queen of your school….

      1. ty i found it …with the help of one of your readers….i never even made it that far that i see where it is I couldn’t have missed it. Boy her skins is the only ones i wear….she just keeps getting better and better ty morgana….

    1. I see what the issue is.
      your in the wrong area.
      the skin is in the building right where you first land.
      go straight, you will see a dojo, and it is in there.
      behind the koi pond.

      so, land, go up the small stairs, and go straight.

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