Follow the rules…. and, don’t panic!

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Careful what you touch

I had SO MUCH FUN last night with my long time friend,
Poly Pistachio (Alex to me!).

We went to a bunch of stores to check out their Halloween stuff and then,
I was pervin the Freestyle blog and saw an event called,
Don’t Panic presented by, Pulse Games..….

Even the ghosts are dancing

I am so sad, I didn’t get as many photos as I would like to have but,
it occurred to me late at night that I should blog this.. so,
I am sharing what I managed to get!

This event was so much fun!

I have a weird plasma screen thingy going on with my monitor so,
I used windlight setting Firestorm: Places – Midian.
It is dark and gives a creepy vibe but, just enough light that you do not kill everyone.


There are also many prizes to find through out the event!
Look on, around, under and IN everything.

And, put aside at least 2 hrs to do this event…

Poly and I kept getting lost so, pay attention to your surroundings!!!!
You never know when you will need to find your way back!

And, now to share my outfit with you..
This is one of my very favorite looks for the month!

Follow the rules

LOL! Commit no Nuisance..

Would I do THAT?

-hides knife in the waist of my leggings-

Anyway.. make sure you read below for all your info!!
Some things are time sensitive but, I have been blogging through the whole event…
so, if you miss it!!
You will get a spanking!

Love you all!!! Thanks for reading!


Skin | Izzie’s | Qopi Dark Angel Skin | Izzie Button | @Uber (Nov 2014) -on now!-

Hair| TRUTH HAIR | Ambrosia –  light blondes | Truth Hawks | @Uber (Nov 2014) -on now!-

Eyes | Izzie’s | Demon Eyes and Horns | Izzie Button | @Uber (Nov 2014) -on now!-

Face Tattoo | .ARISE. | Arrow Tattoo | lonlysoule | @The Body Modification Expo – LAST DAY-

Hand Tattoo/Nail Polish | The Plastik | Oliavra Slink Tattoos://Sterling | aikea rieko | @The Body Modification Expo – LAST DAY-

Lashes Set 1 |  Maxi Gossamer | Wild Full Thick – BLACK | Maxi Gossamer

Hands | Slink |  AvEnhance Hands Female – Splayed | Siddean Munro |

Ears | MANDALA | ELF EARS SImple | kikunosuke Eel |

Booty: N/A

Shape | So Hawt SL Shapes | Erotigacha Exclusive – Eli Rare – Morgana Hilra | @Erotigacha (Nov. 2014)


Top | [Foxes] | Sweatshirt – Pur Evil | nina helix/tyr rozenblum | @Uber (Nov 2014) -on now!-

Pants | American Bazaar | Slim Pocket Jeans Black | missqwerty pevensey | @Sad Novemeber (Nov. 2014)


Ring | .Atomic. | {Macabre} Skull Ring | Ivy Graves | @Uber (Nov 2014) -on now!-

Bag | Aphrodite | “Trick or treat” Halloween candies (gives treats) | Marina Ramer

Headset | DON’T PANIC! | Tactical Headset | roblem hogarth | @DON’T PANIC! (Oct. 2014)

Necklace | Izzie’s | Noir Cat Necklace | Izzie Button | @The Dressing Room Fusion (Nov 2014) -on now!-


Boots | FLite. | Military Aviators Black | liamcole | @Uber (Nov 2014) -on now!-


Single Poses | Tabou Irresistible | Poses Pack Cuteh | glamsoglamour | @The Body Modification Expo – LAST DAY-


* L’Arc-en-Ciel *

Don’t Panic Sponsors

Dragon Magic Wares
Dark Passions
The Stringer Mausoleum
Fierce Designs

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