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So many skins released this month from both Belleza & Glam Affair!
So, I have decided to make a post for each today JUST on their skins.
I am starting with Belleza because,
When I logged on, it was one of the last notices I got!

So, I will post the photo then,
where the item is… and then,
all your info below..

Later, I will do a Glam Affair post…

And then, I will attempt to get at least one..
Look of the day share!

Alot of work.. lol.. wish me luck!

The Liaison Collaborative – Brooke <- Location
Show me some skin - 1

Main store New Release – Grace <- Location
Show me some skin - 3

Main Store Group Gift – Ava & Brooke <- Location
Show me some skin - 2

Also, the hair that I am wearing is from,
~Tableau Vivant~ for this round of,
The Fantasy Collective. <- Location

Lucrezia is inspired by Lucrezia Borgia (18 April 1480 – 24 June 1519),
famous for her beauty and extravagance.

Base is unrigged and can be resized either manually and by script along XYZ axis.
Accessory is provided with 9 tints, accessible by the hud bottom tab and can’t be detached.

Ponytail comes in two sizes, regular and long neck.
Ponytail is rigged and can’t be moved or repositioned.

Each pack contains:
– 1 unrigged mesh base with accessory (can’t be detached)
– 2 sizes rigged mesh ponytail;
– 1 HUD with 30 tint options.

Fatpacks contain 12 huds
(11 listed plus an exclusive one, Chemistry, not available as single pack).
I always wear the Chemistry pack.. love it!!

OKAY, time for me to log out for a bit but,
I shall return with your Glam Affair post!

Please refer to above links for your event URLS.

Thank you for commenting!

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