Eloquence Grand Opening Event

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Calvin Harris – Feel so Close

Eloquence Free Gifts Poster v2

~ Directly Quoted from, Eloquence website! ~

DURATION: 1 month

LOCATION: Deja Brew Coffeehouse


Vixen Thibedeau, the creator of Seraphim, has created a new events blog!
To celebrate, 25 of the grids best designers have contributed a FREE GIFT to all Eloquence group members!

(Join the group now!)

The purpose of Eloquence is two-fold:

  • To serve the greater SL community by providing exceptional and timely,
    coverage of high-traffic and high-quality shopping events in Second Life
  • To promote reputable charity events to serve the greater good of Second Life and Real Life

If you have any questions or would just like to introduce yourself,
feel free to contact us!
And don’t forget to take advantage of our Early Bird Advertising Special while you still can.

Enjoy the gifts from these fabulous designers, and thanks for reading Eloquence!


In-World Group,


Twitter, Google+


Check our their website for all photos! ❤

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