Yummy CANDY!

Let’s listen to,

One Republic – Counting Stars
(Lonczinski Remix)

I don’t know about YOU….


but, I am so ready for some yummy treats!

2014’s Candy Fair has just begun!
click here for all the info you could possibly need..
In my previous post,
I included EVERYTHING!!
Plus, all the links and, more links to more info..
you know, just incase I missed something..
Hey.. it could happen!


I have so much to share with you!
Many of the designers were totally sweet and provided some of the bloggers with,
review / blogger copies!

No matter what though, all the items in this fair are amazingly made!

To better share with you I thought,
I would take some photos and, under each one,
I will add some details about the items.
This way, I can share many items and,
do almost a bulk share…

Trust me.. there is a lot of things..
And, I will be sharing all weekend or longer!

So, let’s get started shall we?

Perfect place to start!!


Exposeur – The SugarBowl by, RubyStarlight Writer

Info: “The SugarBowl is an ice cream parlor prop with 10 single poses inside.
It’s filled with little details from ice cream to macaroons and a custom menu.
It’s sweet and fun and will make for some really great photos!”

Personal Note: This is also great for a prop for showing off all the yummy treats!
And, showing off other poses from other great designers.
I love this item.. very cool!


[L.Warwick] Aurora -Divinity Series Heels by, Lindsey Warwick

Info: These are for SLink Medium feet and Belleza mesh body!
There are 10 colors available!


[PM]Pixel Mode – Lorraine Dessert Tray – Chocholate & Cupcakes by, Tya Fallingbridge

Info: This Lorraine Dessert Tray is 6LI and,
so real looking and .. well, it is making me hungry!
There are many other items but, by the time I got to this store..
I had already spent my blogging money, lol… but, I had to get SOMETHING!
And, I am glad that I did because, doesn’t it look awesome?
Here is creator, Tya Fallingbridge’s flickr so you can see the whole set!

For the  photo, I will include the details below but,
as though it is a “look share”… but, I will include the Candy Fair Items only below the photos..
Then, I will share the rest of the items below after my last photo..
Does that make sense?
Man, I hope so!! LOL

Singing in the rain

Candy Fair Items

Dress – *{Junbug}* Candy Girl [Blush] by, juno.mantel
Skin – Plethora – [PF] Dango Skin (Mochi Dango candy). Skin made by, & Plethora Items by, plethorasl
Shoes – [L.Warwick] Aurora -Divinity Series Heels by, Lindsey Warwick
Umbrella – {Mephy~ pink} umbrella .::Cubic Cherry Kre-ations:.. by, kreao.kujisawa
Horns – +Half-Deer+ Starry Twilight Antlers [Sky] by, halogen.magic
Ears – +Half-Deer+ Starry Twilight Ears [Sky] by, halogen.magic

One more item before I close off this post and move on to the next!

We can not forget that pretty little bird up top!
+Half-Deer+ Ice-Creamaholic Birdy -Paper Cup- Sherbet by, halogen.magic

Alright.. now, I must go and unpack everything and sort out what I am blogging next.
And, like I promised, I will be blogging up a storm this weekend!
So, make sure you stay tuned!

A couple places to watch for extreme coverage of the event..



See you all soon and,


Other Items

Shape – So Hawt Sl Shapes – *No Name Chosen Yet* WIP – Morgana Hilra
Hair – Exile::Suggestive – Kavar Cleanslate – UBER

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