Almost Perfect

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Belleza – Venus Mesh Body Review

Here is my share of the day, along with the review I have been promising!

Almost Perfect

I covered pretty much everything in the video…
I will say that my #1 favorite feature is the hands!
I love all the little gestures as well as, the nail polishes.

Honestly, when I am wearing my mesh body by, Belleza I will likely just wear the full version.
However, for the sake of knowing, I will likely try it out with my slink items as well.

Included with this body is 2 versions,
one made with Belleza’s hands and feet and one,
that will be compatible with Slink hands and feet.
So, this covers if you will be able to wear your slink shoes or not.
Also, I have found that some shoes that have a resizer such as,
Blah or, N-Core.. you can easily wear those shoes with your full Belleza version!
I think that is AWESOME!

Another awesome thing, as mentioned in the video,
you also get these super cute lingerie sets with your body!

Almost Perfect2

And as promised…
Here is the first photo link..
And, here is the link for the nude photo of the breasts.

It is time for some real life FOOD!

I have to cut my writing short but, here is a full photo of the hud!

The Hud

So, please check out the other blog links,
I have chosen to share with you below the styling!

I hope I have covered everything.
I heard back from customer service about the info part of the hud,
and apparently it has not been set up yet so,
by the time you buy this awesome mesh, it should all be set for you!

There is no specific ETA but,
it will be very soon, so watch out for it!


Shape -So Hawt SL – Kaela – Coming VERY Soon – Morgana Hilra
Body – -Belleza- Venus – Coming Soon – Tricky Boucher
Skin – -Belleza- Claudia Med 0 Dk – Tricky Boucher
Eyes – IKON Hope Eyes – Emerald – Ikon Innovia
Ears – (UNISEX)_[MANDALA]Simple_ELF_Ears – Kikunosuke Eel

Hair – TRUTH HAIR Amaris – Truth Hawks

Clothing (top photo)

Top – D R O P . Enbi Tee Unisex (Black) – Kustom 9 – sayaca Unplugged
Pants – 20.FIVE Mesh – Cappa Jeans – beanster Potato
Shoes – JB – Chain Black – Davidefre Resident -Part of Belleza Venus Body


.ploom. – P.Y.T – 5 curvy – FLASH SALE (ends 19th, 12midnight!!!) –

Belleza Official Blog

Great Blogger Links for different opinions!
Some are reviews and some just have some killer photos!

Scarlett Loxinglymy hot mama lol.

AliceInChains Arun

Antonia Millar

Kaelyn Alecto

Asia Romano

Natsumi Kangjon

Xela Woodford

Danni Ravinelli

Anais Terpellie

Vin Sinister

Euphoria Boyington

Click this link for a full list of features and, info!!!

If I have missed something or, you have questions please,

feel free to comment below and I will do my best to answer.

cya! xoxo

12 thoughts on “Almost Perfect

  1. It is soo almost perfect. Just a little more work on the aplha’s and it will be perfect. The top of the breast alpha is a little bit too high right now for most gowns, which is what i wear mostly since I work at all the Frank’s clubs.

  2. Great review. But I never used a mesh body or head. Does it matter wich no mesh shape you wear when you wear your mesh shape?
    And are there any medieval clothes you can wear on a mesh body?

    1. I am not sure who is making the clothing for the mesh bodies.
      You wear your own shape.
      The mesh is just to enhance your shape.
      Many photographers and bloggers or, people that just like to have smooth avatars use them.

  3. I love the fact that this is a very good overview. I would like to have seen different skin tones on the body as well as slider movement. All of us won’t be wearing the same shape.

    JD makes shoes for the JD feet, Slink Feet, and the Venus Feet. My Decimation pumps from Uber have all 3 options included.

    I really do appreciate you taking some time out to publish this video ♥♥ Thank You 🙂

    1. your welcome hun, yeah, i was going to do all that but, i did so many attempts for this video that, in the end, i just wanted to get it done, lol..
      but, yes, that is why i mentioned the shape edited, lol and shared that horribly funny photo… that was too much hahaha.. i am glad that you liked it though.. thank you for commenting 🙂

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