District 5


District 5 has a voting option – letting designers and shoppers vote (for fun) on their favorite Districts!
You may vote only once per avatar but you do have the ability to change your vote – i.e,
if you vote for The Scene but later decide to vote for Sin City then your original vote for The Scene will be removed once you vote for another category.
This is a fun way to tell us what you like and show your support to designers in each District!

Please make sure you check your scripts and remove any that put you over the allowed amount before entering the sim —
Each avatar is allowed a maximum of 20 Scripts or 2 MB of usage – others will be teleported home.
Thanks for your cooperation!

District 5 is a FULL SIM Fashion Fair bringing together an eclectic group of designers from across the grid.
This event will be divided into 5 sections,
giving the shopper an opportunity to explore each section based on the type / style of products.
Each section will house 2 Sponsors and 20 Stores all who fit within that sections style / design.

Event Note: ~ A few years back, our friend Emily Kaestner put together a similar event called Four Corners, she got a lot of positive feedback from that event so we thought it would be fun to put our own little spin on her idea. ~Props to Emily~ and thanks for giving us the go ahead! ~

Depraved Nation Blog

District 5 Gallery

District 5 Landmark

Personal Note: I am sorry for the late posting of the flyer, as many of you know,
I was not well this past week or so but, I promise to do my best and get things posted for you all. xoxo


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