Happy 4th Birthday, So Hawt SL!

It is so hard to believe that my blog… my baby.. is, 4 yrs old!

Song of the day..
Dreaming – Selena

Please bare with me..
I am going to share info with you that, I honestly think will help you,
have a long standing blog… and, make things more enjoyable for you.

It has been a journey with ups and downs… twists and turns but,
I got here!! A huge milestone with the help of many friends!


Also, along the way I have met some very talented folks.
Fashion, skin, building designers..
Along with other bloggers and, some very awesome event coordinators!

I have been honored to work with a list of folks over the past 4 yrs..
This is a list of some of them… but, if your name is not on this list..
please do not be offended… I almost never get time to update.

So Hawt SL Blog – Creator Friends
This is a list of people that have sponsored my posts in the past and present!
If you feel that you should be included on this list..
Please do not take offense that you are not on it.. just comment here and I will add you asap.
I just get busy busy hehe.

I am so happy to be a part of an ever growing community in, Second Life.

I want to share some of these people with you.
You can actually find them on my blog all the time but,
I wanted to take a moment and draw your attention to them.

There are two places for other bloggers.
I am constantly updating my blogger roll..
So, to keep up, I added another page for bloggers to come and share their links.
I promise I will set time aside this week to add everyone’s links to the official blogger roll page.

Official BlogRoll
Share YOUR Blog

Feel free to add your blog link ♥

Another thing SL has that we bloggers would be lost without are,
tons and tons of awesome stores!!

Official Store Blogs
If you are a store owner and would like your link here,
please leave a comment on the share your link page,
and comment “please add my store”.

One thing I have learned,
Blogging can be stressful but, fun!
You need the right kind of people around you.
Ones that encourage you but, also give you advice.

I did a huge post on, [SL] Blogger Support the other day..
There are groups like this all over Second Life but, the top two in my opinion are,
[SL] Blogger Support / Kat (katya.valeska) &
SL Bloggers Network / Voshie (voshie.paine).

These two ladies,
worked their asses off to bring you a group of people that can help you..
So, the best way to thank them is to use their services!
And share them with other bloggers.
And, be respectful!!!!!

Another great thing about Second Life..
If you are a new resident, blogger, designer..
There are many many tutorials out there to help you get on your way.

I have used many of these personally…

Tutorials & Low Costing Items

Remember, you do not have to be rich to be a blogger..
Many people would love for you to cover hunts, freebies and, cheapies!

I know that this post is long winded but,
I wanted to share all the knowledge I have learned.
Well most of it because, let’s face it.
I am always learning to do more.. be better, and improve!

One thing as a blogger I am also grateful for..
Fashion Feeds and, Link Backs!

Fashion Feeds of SL

This is actually how I get ideas for posts,
stay up to date with this minutes fashion trend and,
well… it is also how I build my personal blog watch list. lol.

In the page above, I have done through and confirmed or,
reapplied to be on their lists.
This is something every blogger should do.
Some of them have rules and regulations..
Your blog may have to be a certain age,
have a certain amount of viewers, and posts per week.
This is to protect you as well as themselves.

One thing about blogging..
Even when things look tough.. you have to stick with it.

I see so many blogs pop up and I think to myself..
WOW what an awesome style or, how much I love their photo style..
and then, a couple months later…. they are gone..

If you use the above info, you will have a successful blog, and a great time!.

I really hope that my four years of collecting information helps someone other there in Second Life space,
to become the blogger they want to be.

I have so much to learn still… but,
I intend to surround myself with a good support team and,
to continue to try and thrive.

Now with all of this useful info..
A couple things I personally have to work on, it is actually my biggest flaw.

Do not take things personally.
Not everyone is going to like your blog!

Be honest!!
If you are doing a review.. be honest about it.
Don’t be afraid to say that you do not like something but,
at the same time.. don’t be a dick about it.
Be constructive.. ask for advice.. point issues out to the creator..
There may be a very easy fix to things.

And always remember!! and this one is major.

USE TAGS! hehe

Now, off to do an official post…. hehe…


OH! Since you made it this far!! haha

In honor of So Hawt SL..
I have three shapes on sale at, 75% off!!
I chose my top three selling shapes!
This is a limited time only!

So Hawt SL – Shapes – SungChi – Birthday Sale

So Hawt SL – Shapes – Rage – Birthday Sale

And for the guys!

So Hawt SL – Shapes – Drake- Birthday Sale

Thanks for making this an awesome four years….
let’s try for another four!

Sharing my happy memory of this week!!
there are people that should be in this photo but,
at the time.. were not around.. xoxo
Scarlett, Brock, Ivy, Aspyn…
Thank you for the smiles!

Part of My family

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