HAIR FAIR 2014!!!!!!!!

Hair Fair?

Anya Ohmai was sweet enough to allow me to use her image in my post…
Please click the photo and go and fav it… and give her a hug for me!




Hair Fair starts on Saturday the 12th of July and will run until the 27th of July,
which will be Bandana Day and the end of the fair!


I have covered this event in one way or another over the years and,
I am proud to be a part of it again this year!

My personal experience and some of the friends,
the hair fair has been one of the busiest events on the grid,
and because of this, it can get pretty laggy (this is not an insult, this is an SL fact..
Only because this event is so AWESOME!

Now, my advice for this event…..

I always have fun… so I will give you my personal secrets (not really secret),
for a stress free (ish) experience!

Not really….
I suggest, wearing either one of the event suggested low lag outfits….
I am not sure if they have it this year but, they have every other year so,
I am assuming they will this year as well.
Or, remove all unneeded ….everything… and wear this Full Body Alpha, or any that you can find.

#2 – Take off all attachments!!!!
This is not a fashion show.. it is a HUGE shopping event..
no one cares if you have THE BEST of everything!
We love you for just being you! ♥

#3 – Grab demos and, go home!!!
The fair runs til the 27th.. you have time!
Go home, relax, put on something comfy….
and demo away!
As always, all DEMOS will be sent out the day before the event on the 11th.
To join the FREE group you can click this link and join the Hair Fair DEMO Group.

and last but not least….

#4 – Don’t stress it..
If you get a failed delivery…
Just wait a few mins, go somewhere not so laggy,
give it a bit…
Relog and clear your cache…
Check to see if the vendor has a redelivery system at their store…
And if all else fails, write the creator or, customer service rep a NICE,
pleasant note to let them know what has happen.
Keep in mind that not only is an event like not getting your items stressful…
it is also stressful for the designer getting things ready so you can have some awesome items to purchase at the event.
And, also… if you are having issues with deliveries..
Chances are, so is someone else…
YOU want to be that awesome customer that respects the designer..
Trust me… they will love you for that!
Also, I was just told that there are redelivery kiosks at the fair!
So, you should have no issues.

EEP! I forgot one!!

#5 – DERENDER EVERYONE!!!!!!!!!!!!!!
I am not sure how to do this one other viewers but,
on Firestorm.. open the “people” tab on your tool bar.
Select everyone…
Click the first name…
then, click the last name while holding I believe, Shift?…
then, right click the selection, and derender all!!!
No worries, you will be able to fix this at a later time.
Trust me.. this will be a godsend..
That way… if no one else reads this post…
and shows up decked out to the nines…
YOU won’t be affected by their insane lag fest…

One more thing… please, on Bandana Day…
Please… wear your bandana… and send a pray out to ….
well… everyone… child, adults…
Cancer is a horrible thing…
And, we should all show our support in finding a cure.

As well as all terminal diseases.

For more info please follow the official hair fair blog!

Hair Fair!

I didn’t get in, in time this year to make a bandana to sell at the event but,
I am thinking of asking Sassy if I can make one anyway..

I wonder if there is a script to put into a box to ensure the monies for an item go to the charity…
Am I making sense?

Like, if I were to open an inworld store and, have a wall for charities…
And, every purchase to go to which ever charity…
like, Wig for Kids…

Anyway, it is just a random thought..

I really hope to see you at the event!

Please note…..
I did not in any way mean to offend anyone in this post.
It was meant to show you that the event, is important..
and alot of fun.
It is organized by a great team…
and many many designers work really hard for months to get ready for it.

And the cause is also one of the best in the world…

Please, do not take any offense… and if you have..
I am truly sorry.

And, remember… have fun. xoxoxoxoxo


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