Wowmeh Review 3.1

Hello everyone!

Today I am reviewing the, UPDATED 3.1 version of the Wowmeh mesh body.
If you would like to read my first review, please click here.

In this review I will be relying mainly on a video presentation however,
I will also make notes on the provided information given with the update.

Note: I forgot to mention that the reason I didn’t “block out” a piece of the wrist was so that you could see how far up it went.
I do not want people to think I did not know what I was doing.

Also, I highly suggest that you watch the video in HD full screen.
Just so you can see all the details.
Thanks ♥

Below I will bold the information and then, I will place my comment below each segment.
This way it is easier to follow.

Version 3.1
. NEW Boobs and Belly Sliders!
– Still unable to wear low cut jeans.
I personally, do not see what has been changed..
possibly on the breast area however, I would suggest making another “slider?”,
possibly just across the lower upper chest, so that women can wear their fancy strapless dresses.
To be fair, I have suggestions.. and since I can “type them” til I am blue in the face..
I decided to SHOW you all what I mean.


. NEW Hands and Feet!
– The Wowmeh hands do look 99% better.
I have not checked out the feet yet as, I mainly wear slink only.

. NEW Left and Right Nipple
– This is an interesting feature.
However, this is something I have addressed in the video.
If you have not watched the whole video, please do so, that way you can understand my concerns.

. NEW Neck Blend.
– As stated in the video, this update is AMAZING.
The creator did a great job on this.
I have shown close ups in the video.

. FIX Shoulders Rigging.
– In all honesty, I do not know what this means, so…
If you have the Wowmeh and, understand this.. please leave a comment below for others to read.

. FIX Boobs UVMap.
– In all honesty, I do not know what this means, so…
If you have the Wowmeh and, understand this.. please leave a comment below for others to read.

. FIX Right Hand Tattoo
– Not sure but, I can only guess this means for ppl (like me) that wear tattoos made for wowmeh,
there must have been an issue that I personally did not notice, that was fixed in this version…
If I am wrong please feel free to tell me below.

. Free Skin and Nails Applier for designer.

. Not bad Slink Hands and Feet
– I have done a full review of this. Hopefully no one takes offense this time.
I did not mean anything bad.
Awesome job on the feet though.

. Completely Fitted Mesh with Growing Breast
– In all honesty, I do not know what this means, so…
If you have the Wowmeh and, understand this.. please leave a comment below for others to read.

. Feet and Hands (still need improving)
– Like I already said, the hands from Wowmeh look great.
The feet, I have no opinion on at this time.

. RightArm Tattoo!
– Same as about with the other tattoo issue…
I am not sure what this is about because, I did not notice it.

. Nipples!
Please refer to above comment in the, “NEW Left and Right Nipple” area.

. Clothes and Tattoo layers. (with 1-Bit Alpha mask for alpha collisions)
– I only touched base on this subject a small amount because of time constraints.
I can tell you however, from the side of designers..
There are many more designers making appliers for the Wowmeh.
Some of the designers are getting tired of having to keep making clothing for applier but,
they are trying to keep up.. so, give them time.. give them a break, I am sure they are going to try and catch up.

. Many alpha layers!
– Not sure about this as I did not explore it.

. Fixed some Random Bug.
– Did you use raid? I heard that stuff knocks out all bugs.
Just kidding! LOL.

All in all… it is a good update with some great aspects and some that need improvements.
As with any new product, there will be hit and misses but, I am sure that the creator is constantly working to update things.

I hope that you enjoyed the video.
I will try my best to keep up on the reviews but,
I have to be honest…
Doing video reviews, takes a lot of time out of other things I should be blogging.
So, what I have decided to do is,
from time to time, I will make notes here and there about updates that I find interesting or,
note worthy.

I hope that you all understand.

Thanks for reading and, watching my video.

Items worn through out (and will be blogged shortly)

Shape – So Hawt SL – Shapes – Julia
Skin – -Glam Affair- Liv skin- Asia – 04
Hair – TRUTH HAIR Sakura Hair (1 Side) – The Arcade June Round
Eyes – IKON Ardent Eyes – Ice
Body/Lingerie – Womeh 3.1
Hands & Feet – Slink
Necklace – ! !SSD ~ Nia Moon ~ Necklace
Shoes – Blah. (My Chained Heart Pumps) Pink (SLink High Feet)

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