Home and Garden…. Extreme Edition…

I was originally going to combine two posts into one but, then I came to my senses and decided that because there is so much to share with this landscaping post, I would do two separate posts.

Now, this post will likely take a bit to write so, if you are reading this that means, I did not toss my pc out the window…. yet…

I took all the photos in advance, and, I am going to share the Info and URLS of EVERYTHING I can think of in these photos..

For this photos information.. you will have to keep reading.. enticing, huh?
Trust me, it is all worth it.!

Designing - Last Min

Maybe it is not such a big deal but, you know me… and when I have this insane, sleep deprived, half awake ideas of blogging, once in a while, I will miss something but, no worries..
I foresee myself updating this post many many times in the next little while.

Emma is a friend of mine, and is new to Second Life.
She had seen some of my photos in the past of lands, skyboxes, homesteads, and half a “full sim”… meaning I had a crap ton of prims to play with… and, just like now… I was given full go of it, to “fill up the land” with anything I thought would look… nice…

So, I started with 1875 prims….
And, I am not done yet… and there is still over 400 prims left.

Please keep in mind the prim count includes her INSANE addiction to breedable animals!!!
I think there were 19 horses when I last looked and I believe 4 of them were pregnant….
And, don’t get me started on the KittyCats….
CAT LADY! Party 1… and a half when you factor in her husband to be!

Estimated prim usage that I had no control over….
Let’s go with the most… 17 prims per winged horse.. (there are MANY of those)..
KittyCats being approx 13 prims each… thank heavens, it doesn’t LOOK like there are additional prims on those little devils lol.

Horses – 323
KittyCats – 182

So, prims that I, Morgana Hilra, I NOTHING to do with equals out to, 505 prims!

I just love math…. NOT!

So, what I am getting at is..
The original prim count was 1875 minus 505 and, the left over is what I have available to play with..
1370, I think .. omg, Just shoot me, I hate numbers!

What I am going to do is share a collage photo of the house and inside
and then, I will share the outside… you will even have a sneak peak at her crazy HORSE, addiction.
I will share everything that is shown in the photos… as well as a couple last minute adds that were just to sweet to pass up… so, you can imagine there will be alot to take in..

A little about the house..

It is a 5 bedroom, 3 bathroom, converted BARN…
See? They already knew they would have tons of animals!
Just kidding, hehe…

The house is from, Barnesworth Anubis and likely is the most expensive item on the whole plot!
Which is not alot for your info.. lol,
Emma and I went shopping all over for the perfect house..
Ro and Emma looked all over and this is the one that we all agreed would work with their,
ideal home.

There are so many bedrooms that are not yet completed and there is a gorgeous attic that I have such grand ideas for!

For now, here is the photo and I will list below, along with the URL what the items in the photos are… well the collage of photos…

Hopefully I will get everything however if you see something in the photo that I have not listed please, feel free to leave a comment and I will do my best to fill you in…

Designing - The House

Bathroom Set: ~BAZAR~ Arizona Bathroom

Sink – ~BAZAR~ Floria Kitchen (sink shown only)

Bedroom Photos – ~BAZAR~ Arizona Bedroom
– there are 13 items to this bedroom set and the whole set is only, 39 prims and is a partial mesh. (just thought I would mention that lol.)

Dinning Room Table – ~BAZAR~ Arizona dining set
– This set is AMAZING.. just my opinion. Low prim set with rezzable sets of either decor, setting for dinner for 2 or, 4 people and it is not just your plan basic stuff… you can set for breakfast, dinner, dessert, coffee or, TEA AND CAKES! yum…. another random thing I thought I would share….warning.. I will likely do that alot thru this post… so, have fun with that!

Kitchen Set – 1 Prim Functional Kitchen v.2 : by Dekute Dekore
– As the name says it… 1 prim! It was a tad on the costly side but, I managed to convince Ro that Emma really really needed this in her SL life… see? I would be awesome for marketing…
Now you likely wonder WHY? Right? Am I right? well… this is why!
ONE PRIM! How can you go wrong with that? Ok, so I suppose that is not enough… ok, how about the fridge? Drinks, foor… everything to keep your SL family, happy and healthy…. not enough? All kitchens do that? Ok… this is a one prim functional kitchen… there are traditional poses that you would see in a kitchen set… thinking, sit, clean.. etc… but, there are also couple poses… yeah ladies.. make that man (or lady) or your WORK for his/her dinner!
Also there is a tab called, COOK… this rezzes more items such as well…. if your having brekkie there is eggs, hash browns, and I believe sausage and bacon…. things like this are awesome for ANY rp setting….. and… come on…
(items are temp rez but, I would personally still “clean up”… that is just my tastes though)

The creepy little girl. – Sa’ng Fori Design -Child Lillie-
– Sorry but, she IS creepy… cool… but, when you log in and do not expect to see anyone and this little girl comes skipping along… well, there has been many times she has scared the….. holy moley out of me… but, if you are royally into rping… this is actually a cool addition..
She hops around, I think playing some kind of invisible hop scotch… actually, if I am being totally honest.. while we were at the store.. I fell in love with her little sister… who is on a swing at MY home as I write this.
BTW…… she sings…….. o0

Front Hall Photo – Arizona-bedroom wall art

Front Hall Game – Pocket Greedy Greedy Table v2.47
– Yup, that right there is MY influence… everyone should play this game…. and when you do… invite me!!!!!

Window Setting – Aphrodite Outdoor Set

Outside Sitting Area – Good morning-Table
– This is actually a free gift at the main store I believe… either rez your brekkie outside or, just sit at a nice white table setting.

I think that covers the inside or, at least what I have shared with you… trust me, there is so much more in there.. I would be here til I was old and grey… and honestly, there is a nice wood nymph post I would love to get too…..

Moving to the outdoors…

Starting this out with a nice shot of the house and, green house on the side!
This is the backyard.. the dimensions of their land is a wee… difficult to place the house nicely so, I moved it very close to the edge on the frontal area… which you can see in the added photo later..

Designing - Landscaping

House – [ba] mansfield converted barn
– All info on this lovely house is provided above.. let me know in comments if you need any other info.

Greenhouse – Aphrodite Greenhouse
– Low prim, with many features!

Main Trees – [DDD] Low Poly Tree – Small – E
– Seriously, these trees are ALL OVER the place!!
I still think that Dysfuntional Designs has the best trees.. right there with Studio Designs..
These trees are 1 prim each and, are seasonable… meaning you can change the seasons… this one is setting, Spring I believe… but, more awesomeness about these trees is…
You can alter the look of not only the leaves but, the bark as well… so, you can get some pretty funky mixes.

Horses – ~Amaretto Ranch~ Breedables
– Noting first…. CRAZY HORSE PEOPLE!!!
lol.. good thing they know I love them to death! hehe
Honestly though.. from what I hear, this can be a good business to get into.. or, even just for pets..
could be fun to see what mixes you can come up with.
Only thing I should mention.. if you are under, I believe 40 days, you need to use one of their satelite stores… not sure as to why but, I know that Emma had issues going to the main store..

Horse Pen – Rustic Fence- aa build & design

Backyard Trees/Green – Aspen Circle ~ Nixie Pond – meadowworks
– This is where it gets fun.. the backyard is a beautiful mess of forestry!
I will do my best to share what is what and where it came from… but, please do not get upset if I get it wrong…
Also at the Fantasy Faire!

Pathway – [Tia] Path Maker – Old Cobbles

Sparkles are the ground – Sparkles ~ Groundcover – meadowworks

Willows – !ETF! Willow -double
– Please do not note me on the location.. I checked the persons profile but, I was a bit confused to which LM to use but, this one is on their main profile and says something about wondering about their creation… their name is, Mayah Parx so I hope that helps you!

Foutain – !ETF! Fountain of Magical Hapenings
– OH! I remember this! We found it at the Fantasy Faire!
I do not know how long it is running for… I suck at info atm but, you can find THAT info here!

Barrel – [Tia] Barrel ‘n Frog Fountain
– Make sure you check the Fantasy Faire for items from this designer as well!

And last but not least the BEACH!

Sand/Rocks – Driftwood Beach Den from Studio Skye – Box V3

Boat – Driftwood Beach Den from Studio Skye 1

Waterfall – Waterfall Building Set from Studio Skye Box 3

Kelp – Kelp Forest FX Sunrise + SARDINE Swarm – meadowworks

Wait… am I finished? ….
OMG.. I think I am…. no… wait…
Oh man!

The above photo information as promised…
These were items that Emma picked up after slight pressure from ME..

Grass – [we’re CLOSED] grass field lush
– in my own opinion, no home is compete without lush grass from, we’re closed.
it has always been my personal favorite “go to” when wanting my skydom to look more natural… so, why not for the ground as well??

Umbrella – Cherry Tree (XL) Oyama-Zakura C – meadowworks

Playset – Sway’s Playground
– Apparently Emma bought a few different items but, I wanted her to put something out NOW, so that it would make this post and not have to be added after the fact…
This set is perfect for RP families.. or, teens that babysit lol… hey, I am older in RL and I still love a lil romp on the jungle gym from time to time…
My physiotherapist actually has jungle bars!

Alrighty… I think that is it… and many was THAT a chore but, I really wanted to show off a few of my own personal favorites… and, well my playtime!

Maybe once I get the rest of their place done, I will share some photos here… or, at least add some photos to flickr and provide a link on my blog to them lol.. I don’t know but, for now.. I am off to have a much deserved NAP!

I hope you have enjoyed your time in my insane mind, as well as with Emma & Ro’s house~!

See you all laters!


PS – I have to get going so I will add more tags later ❤


  1. what a beautifully designed post. interesting read too, and GREAT LANDSCAPING. you have a fabulous touch for mixing styles/creators, and fantasy and realism. MAKES MY DAY 🙂

    • I am so happy to hear that you liked my post.
      I love creating things but, I would not be able to use blender or, Maya.. the numbers would drive me mental.
      So, when it comes to making things look pretty, I know where to find the best designers/creators to work with.
      I am happy that your day is good and I helped!

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