Pure Fantasy

Song of the moment..
Heart – These Dream

I have so much blogging to do these next few days.
And, I will do my very best to do everything, lol.

Atm, there is an event called the, Fantasy Faire.
This is an event, I have tried to blog each time it has ran.
These are a few items I managed to either buy or,
I have been sponsored to do so..

Like this dress from, White Armory!

Pure Fantasy - The Look

I thought it was great..
I was actually wearing the last female post items and,
I just started to change my clothing as I went along.
BEFORE I was done with my post.
lol… so, here were are…
And, I want to share the other items of course…
So, check below for your URLS, items, and location info!


I do not know how long it will last.
It may even be over already but,
I wanted to mention that,
is having a sidewalk sale!

Kenadee’s shoes are beautiful and,
at 100L how can you go wrong?

There is also a killer group gift,
I have been hearing about…
It is 1k currently to join the group HOWEVER,
before you say OMG… keep in mind,
Kenadee is very generous to her VIP’s and loyal customers.
This fee hight is temporary, it will go down once the gift has processed,
out of the notices but, if you really want those shoes…
I would get on it, asap!
I will tell you now… even at 1K for the fee…
you are still getting an AWESOME gift!

So get over to, REIGN..

I will be sharing the shoes I personally picked up later,
hopefully today after I rest.



Shape – So Hawt SL Shapes – Babydoll – Erotigacha – 8
(Erotigacha event may be over so, stay tuned for info.. for now, have a look at my MP items available in the link)
Skin – -Belleza- Ria Med 2 Dk
Eyes – {D.A} Anime Eyes – North
Ears – (UNISEX)_[MANDALA]Simple_ELF_Ears
Hair – *ARGRACE* KOTO – Blondes
Hands– Slink AvEnhance Hands Female – Fist/Casual
Dress – “TWA” Lostwithiel Lake Mesh Gown Set-Rylla – Fantasy Faire 2014 – Ty, Bee
Jewelry – ! !SSD ~ Nia Moon – Fantasy Faire 2014 – Ty Sax xx
Staff – Staff of Lilies – Talevin Whelan – Fantasy Faire 2014
Poses – ::Axix:: LadyCrow.
Trees – cherry 15 red – Creator – Ender Meiler
Location – Islamey, Chouchou
– Go to ChouChou then walk too the huge latter in the center,
click on it and choose Islamey and TP.


I totally Paparazzi’d Distord Dreams at,
We ♥ RP




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