Let’s talk about, Tattoos!

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Linkin Park – Somewhere I Belong

Let's talk about tattoos!

Have you ever wanted something in SL so badly but, just could not find it?
You have a photo of it in your head but, can never find exactly what you want..?
The last few months I have been on a quest for the “perfect mesh tattoo”…
I wanted it to be vibrant, detailed, and have alot of options..
And a close to Rockabilly style..
1,      2,      3

I tried many different places.
B*Fly, -UtopiaH- , vestigium along with half a dozen other places..
However, I could not find exactly what I was looking for.. until now.

The above tattoo is called, Love Hurts and is from, Insanya.
The designers name is, Tatyana Ultsch and since I loved this tattoo so much,
I actually bought at least two more..

Love Hurts comes with so many options!
As you can see here, you can make just about any “look” that suits your needs.
The photo above is the WHOLE tattoo worn all together.

Let's talk about tattoos!

Personally, I tend to love to wear different sleeves.
So, this tattoo is great for me!

Another great thing about this tattoo is, it comes with a color hud.
So, you can change the tone of you tattoos!
Works on mesh parts only OF COURSE!
Here is an example but, these are only a few colors…
although with the hud, there are so many you can choose!

Let's talk about tattoos!

I would recommend this tattoo and, Tatyana’s store to all my family, friends, and readers.

Another awesome reason I would stand behind this tattoo (well preferable IN it) is…
Well.. Like I said, I tried many tattoos.
For an example.. here are 3 tattoos from, B*Fly..
Now, they are great.. don’t get me wrong.. they are deffinately worth checking out however!!!
I have a unique shape.. as a shape designer, I tend to keep the shapes in the “standard medium” size…
This photo shows the women medium sleeves.

Let's talk about tattoos!

As you can see, I pointed to the problem areas.
Now, I tried the smaller size and it cut into my arm..
this was the only size that came close to fitting me.

The mesh sits pretty high up.. as in, you can tell it is a mesh, and it is off my arm.
It is not a HUGE deal.
You may likely have that with any mesh tattoos.
However, with Insanya the mesh sits better,
and I can take photos without having to do a massive clean up.
As you can see here… Insanya also has the issue but, it is less predominant.

Let's talk about tattoos!

I wanted to be fair and show that yes, it too has that uplift to it but,
until LL comes out with fitted mesh for tattoos, this one is pretty awesome.

I am so happy that I did not “settle” and kept looking for the tattoo of my dreams.

The reason I wanted it SO badly is because, I wanted to have one, that I could wear basically all the time.
I will still blog others but, I needed a default one.. something that I will always have on…
Either my sleeves, when I am wearing a sleeveless top or, the layers when I am wearing my MC Jacket.

I am VERY happy with my purchase!!
I hope that you all have a look at, Insanya.
You never know..

YOUR perfect tattoo may be waiting for you!


Shape – So Hawt SL Shapes – Kayla – ErotiGacha – 1(approx April 28th)
Hair – -Tableau Vivant – Valentin Hair ( Fameshed )
Skin – -Glam Affair – Brandi – America 05 – (Cutie Moon)
Eyes – {Dead Apples} Striking Eyes – Ice – Men’s Dept
Ears – (UNISEX)_[MANDALA]Simple_ELF_Ears
Hands – Slink AvEnhance Hands Female – Relaxed
Feet – Slink Womens Medium Barefeet Rigged
Tattoo – :::insanya::: Tattoo – Love Hurts
Tape – .{PSYCHO:Byts}. Mysterious night – Dark – Pasties (part of an outfit)
Undies – [ bubble ] Symbols Thongs Set
Pose – Poses – TUTY’S CREATIONS Modeling – New release

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