Home is where, the heart is!

Since I am always changing my home.. almost as many times as I change my sl clothing.. I thought I would share this one with you before I pick it all up and start again because, for some reason I am just never happy with it… I came close this time though.. I love this cabin, the only thing I wish I could do it, well….. gut it for lack of a better word…

HOME is, where the heart is...

Now the cabin IS modifiable but, the textures are “baked” so, when you remove the things that you do not want… like for me.. the whole upstairs and the back room that I am currently using as a bath, you have all these dark lines… so, just there if you did not know what “baked textures” meant, you do now… meaning the shadows are non removable .. I would love it is there was one just like this without the upstairs and extra room… as it stands atm, you can have it with or without a kitchen, which is awesome.. please don’t think I do not like this cabin, it is truly beautiful.. and from the outside it is PERFECT… I am just really claustrophobic and love to be able to move about unhindered… and ironically it affects me inworld as well as out.. if I turn around and see yet another obstacle in my way, I get jittery and I babble non stop and I all in all FREAK OUT..

Home is, where the heart is.

These are photos I took just before I picked it all up and started again…. I really really want to use this cabin.. I think it would be perfect if they designer, Dorian were to make an open space one, since they are soooo talented… trust me, all their items are amazing. You should all at the very least go have a look! I even saw my friend, Kurvy having a look around!

HOME is, where the heart is...

Since I am blogging this, I thought I would share where everything is from… sorry I do not have my photo frames filled…. it did not take me long to realize I needed my space…

HOME is, where the heart is...

If you are asking yourself, why just one chair? Well, THAT chair is A W E S O M E !!!
It is from, Cheeky Pea and is available at this round of, Fameshed.. and comes either as a PG or an ADULT version…….. can you guess which one I bought…. sweet, innocent, alil ole me………… YUP! BRING ON THE PERVS, BI………. PPL!!!

HOME is, where the heart is...

My “bathroom set” is from, LAQ Decor and the reason I use their items is simply because, so far that I have personally seen, they have the best textures, design and lowest prims in all of SL.. now, of course I have not seen all of what SL has to offer but, I have seen ALOT and I always come back too, LAQ..
The bath tub is actually a shower as well and have many features such as rose petals, wine, running water, and well….. I do not want to ruin the surprises for you but, I will say that you can use this yourself, or…. with that special person.. rawr! And the main tub is only, 3 Prims… I think that most when everything is rezzed, it is only about 5 – 7? Not sure… I would have to climb in and I am wearing a pretty dress from my last post so…… just imagine it, lol….. and they are derez able, so just remember to clean up your mess! lol.
The toilet is only 2 prims and has a couple animations.. girls and guys.. and the sink is actually NEW… it has an option of using either the 2 prim version or, as I am using here, the 5 prim version… basically one has animations and one does not… do I need to tell you which? hehe

The most important thing to me is being able to have clutter but, also space to move around..
I think I have achieved that with this space.. now to find a cabin that fits my needs but, if you are the cabin type, then I strongly suggest this one and if you are a die hard rp’er.. then I also suggest using the kitchen version of this cabin!

HOME is, where the heart is...

In my loft, I have my “studio” space with my photography drap, from Pixel Mode available at, Fameshed as well as my , Tegan bed from, Cheeky Pea.. you know .. for when I pass out, and am too lazy.. so I just flop down on the nearest thing… I thought a bed would be better then the floor. lol.

Since I am going to share EVERYTHING.. I am going to bid you ado and get on with my listing… and then late with my fashion blogging!

♥♥ have a great week!


The Cozy Cabin by Dorian – TP
coniferous forest II. – conifer 01 C/M – TP
{what next} Bramley Rocking Chair (rustic) – Autumn – TP
*alirium* butterflies pink A – TP
Ot* Wooden Stool for photo– TP
+Half-Deer+ Carved Woodland Animals (White Squirrel)– TP
[we’re CLOSED] grass field dry– TP
:CP: Alice Hammock (Adult)– TP
Turnip’s Skydome 2.0 (50×50)- TP


LAQ Decor ~ Bathroom Cabinet Sink – Brown– TP
LAQ Decor ~ Toilet (Wood) – Decoration– TP
LAQ Decor ~ Clawfoot Bathtub & Shower (Bronze + Silver)– TP
[DDD] Autumn Candle Shelf – TP
:CP: Quinn Chair Emerald (Adult) – Fameshed – TP
LAQ Decor ~ Coffee Table– TP
O.M.E.N – Enchanted Book Shelf – Wood – Enchantment Fair– TP
*ionic* I’m a poem (chair)– TP
{what next} Oslo Chair (plum quilt)– TP
LISP Mesh – Coco Picture Frames Small – 3li– TP
[PM]Pixel Mode – Draped Photography Background – Fameshed– TP
:CP: Tegan’s Pallet Bed (Adult)– TP

I think that is everything.. if I missed something, then feel free to leave a comment and I will get back too you! xoxo


3 thoughts on “Home is where, the heart is!

  1. If you think you want to keep living in your cabin, you might contact Dorian. She is open to suggestions like yours. Also, I know she is planning a snow addition for the roof.

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