Switchin it up!

I wanted to do a male post tonight since, I promised to do it at least once a week and I have not been holding my own on that.. but, no worries, as things on my main (Morgie) slow down a little.. and I am sure you are all saying something to the effect of, “SLOW DOWN????) knowing the amount of events I am participating in, and also the groups I have just joined… trust me.. that will be a slow down for me… anyway.. I wanted to put something simple but, nice together for you men out there… and ladies.. you can wear some of this stuff too… it is so much easier for a chick to wear guy things… then say a guy to wear a dress… though… I know some that would.. bahaha.

Switch It UP

So I came up with this look of the evening, and I am also going to link some cool male blogs below.. I asked on plurk peoples fav male blogs, and I went to some of the stores they blog, and picked out some stuff for next times post…

And… just to prove my point….

Switch it up 2

Ladies if you like these dresses.. they are 1L each, at !go. Enjoy!

I don’t know.. I just don’t think “I” am pretty enough to pull of these looks… what do you think?

On to blog links.. and thank you to the lovelies of, Plurk. xox

Bouncer Criss
Gabriel Bookmite
Boystown – Second Life

Ok, so there are your shares.. I am off to wow for a couple hours.. uhh.. and stop laughing! I only did it to prove a point!


Skin – *BIRTH* Reese Skin (lighttone) – Clean
Shape – So Hawt SL Shapes – Jarhead
Eyes – IKON Ascension Eyes – Sahara (L)
Hair – eep . hair 006 . browns .
Hands – Slink AvEnhance Hands Male – Relax
Feet – Slink AvEnhance Feet Male Flat
Face Tat – [CORVUS] Skull Face Tattoo
Chest Tat – [CORVUS] Psycho Tattoo


Top – [AB] MESH Fast Polo Monkey (MEN ONLY GACHA)
Pants – Razor /// Skillz Baggy Jeans w/ Clip Belt – Black

Poses – ..: SAAL :.. FREEDOM (She&Him)

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