Sugar Rush…

I think I have named this post perfectly.. I want to share as much as possible from, The Candy Fair.. and there is SO MUCH STUFF, that I am sitting here wondering how on EARTH I am going to come up with a “write up” on everything…
So.. I am not.. but, I AM going to share everything, also from time to time I will make a note here or there of something cool or, interesting that happened during blogger day or, in convo’s I had with the designers, or.. well you get the idea!

Candy Rush...

I saw one of the newer skins by, Deetalez.. and oh hell, I saw a FEW of them… and I tried on demo, after demo, and I just could not choose!
So, I asked plurk, and Steffi (the creator) to choose because, all the skins looked awesome in their own way…. but, it seemed that everyone leaned more towards, Jazz then the others.. and after looking more closely, yup!
Jazz is awesome.. and, thank you to Steffi for gifting it to me, I LOVE IT! TY TY TY TY…

I wanted to share it with some makeups from, Pink Acid.. you can get all these and MORE at the fair.. lipsticks and, Shadows and versions of this cute crown!

Candy Rush...

The photo in the middle is actually what turned me on to this skin.. I LOVE the lids, and the nose!

Anyway.. lot’s to share..

This outfit is from, OrsiniRed and it actually comes with red ears.. but, I didn’t wear them because, I wanted to go totally pink and the ears are sorta red but, totally cute ♥

Also, Juxtapose is a designer at the Candy Fair! And all the poses you see here with the candy and the cupcake are from that awesome store!

Candy Rush...

I will be making several posts.. and again, like I said, some of them will have little “stories” or, just random notes but, even if it doesn’t, all your info will be included as always at the end of the post!

Thank you for reading, following, and those that have fav’d my blog.
Thank you to the designers that have given out blogger packs for all of us to use..
and.. I don’t know.. oh, derp, thank you to MJ for adding me to the fair! ♥♥♥

I am going to do my best to get you to the correct sim.. I am actually going to use the gallery as a guide from, Seraphim.. wish me luck!


Skin – DeeTaleZ Skin DELICIOUS Jaz No.3 CARAMEL (Candy Fair)
Teeth – DeeTaleZ Teeth & Tongue Piercing (Candy Fair)
Eyes – IKON Ascension Eyes – Chocolate
Hair – [e] Tallulah – Essentials
Shadows – Pink Acid Eye Magic Eyeshadow (Candy Fair)
Lips – Pink Acid Candy Kiss Lip Gloss (Candy Fair)
Shape – So Hawt SL Shapes – Danica
Ears – BB* Basic Pointy Ears FATPACK (set of 9)


Outfit – OrsiniRed Pastel Candy Shirt/ Pants & Ears (Candy Fair)
Shoes – ::Una::Baisc snakers (Candy Fair)


Crown – Pink Acid Candy Princess Cardboard Cutout Crown – Purple (Candy Fair)
Jewelery – Essences: Traditional Candy Necklace and Bracelet (Candy Fair)

Poses – Juxtapose – I’m A Sucker For You / Cupcaking (Candy Fair)


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