The Autumn Effect 2.0

Autumn Effect Poster 2013 Final

September 15 – October 15, 2013

The Autumn Effect is a Depraved Nation GRID WIDE Hunt. This hunt will represent 50 SL Brands that stand out above the rest! Offering gifts for both Male & Female avatars, our designers are chosen specifically based on their content creation which means amazing gifts for all hunters!

All stores in this hunt will be providing a new gift. All gifts in this hunt will be FREE. Make sure you join the Depraved Events group to keep up to date on who’s doing who or what, when and why…it’s useful for hunt questions as well. All store SLURL’s and hints will be posted on our website before the hunt officially starts, make sure you check there often for any changes or problems discovered along the way. If you encounter an issue that has not yet been posted please IM or send a NC to Heather Smithson right away.

Spread the word, don’t venture out alone, grab your friends and hit the grid. As always, our main goal is to make sure you have fun. Be respectful to us and participating designers by following our few simple rules!

*Please do NOT message designers asking where hunt items are hidden. Do not message designers to complain about their FREE Gift…this will result in your being removed from the Depraved Events group.

*Do not give direct TP’s to hunt prizes.

*Do NOT give specific identifying information in group chat, this spoils the fun of the hunt for everyone.

*Do not bash designers OR their gifts in group chat. These gifts are free, designers work hard on their creations and any violation of this rule will result in your being removed from the Depraved Events group! If you don’t like an item, simply delete it!

Enjoy the hunt!


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