Boats & Bikinis Expo

Official Boats & Bikinis Expo Sign

Styling Below!

A cool event is starting today and it is called, Boats & Bikinis..
I have the honor of being able to share some of the items with you that are available at this event, so I will do that now… I will post below each photo where everything is from!

Also, today I had the hard decision of what skin to buy since two brands released new ones recently and I love both but, one out shined the other…. it came down to the nose… so, I hope I made a good choice by, selecting the newest Elly skin from, Deetalez… now this doesn’t mean I will not get the other but, atm.. the price of the two skins, I had to go with the one I would get the most use out of… if it was a tad fluctuated, then I may have gotten both but, in the end.. the nose… knows..

The official blog, and sim limo are to follow!


Photo 1

Boats and Bikinis - 1

*!t :: Aqua Friends Bikini Set
*!t :: Just Peachy Bikini Set
*!t :: Nice Melons Bikini Pack
*!t :: Polka Time Bikini


Photo 2

Boats and Bikinis - 2


Gave ya a rear view as well!


Photo 3

Boats and Bikinis - 3

.::DD::. Dead Dollz – Marina Red Swimsuit
.::DD::. Dead Dollz – Marina Black Swimsuit – RARE!
.::DD::. Dead Dollz – Marina Blue Swimsuit

Another butt shot! lol


Photo 4

Boats and Bikinis - 4

Luas Urban Style – Joana Dress Pink
Luas Urban Style – Marilyn Dresses
Luas Urban Style – Prisy Bikini Purple – Gift!!


Photo 5

Boats and Bikinis - 5

Thulu Cookini Peach
Lovelace Suit – Expo Hunt Gift
Bettie Suit Prussian


Ok! Time for me to take break for a bit!
I hope that you have enjoyed this post, and will stop by the Expo and have a look around..

I am not 100% sure but, I believe there will also be a hunt going on!
Free stuff, and some really cute looking swim suits, as well as tons of beach themed items!

Items worn through out my post are next and also, look below for a full list of all the contributors involved in this cool expo!!

Check the main blog for more info!

Here is your limo to the sim!
(note: if you are not able to get in, it may just not have started yet but, it does start, TODAY!!)

Skin – DeeTaleZ Skin DELICIOUS Skin ELLY rose black natural CARAMEL
Hair – [e] Listen – Essentials Collection
Ears – BB* Basic Pointy Ears FATPACK (set of 9)
Braces – [M] Prim Teeth v2 – Regular Braces
Shape – So Hawt SL – Rage – 2013
Eyes – IKON Ardent Eyes – Skyfall
Hands/Feet – Slink Enhancements

List of, contributors

Ampersand Photography
Aphrodite Shop
beach street
Bliensen + MaiTai
Chez Moi
Dead Dollz
Fior Di Perle
Indyra Originals
JP Collection Yachts
LISP Bazaar
Little House of Curios
Luas Store
Oceania Breedables
Southern Seas Ships
Star Fashion

And more…!!!



  1. Looking forward to seeing you all here at the Boats and Bikini Expo Lots of Stuff to see and do We at Jp Collections have something special in our hunt so you wont want to miss it Also we have a nice swimming area setup so get into your favorite swim wear and jump into some fun

    Special thanks go out to the event sponsors and the Bloggers that make it all happen

    Josh Piper Jp Collections C.E.O

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