Alil Hair Fair Sugar….

Sugar, Sugar

Styling Below!

It’s almost that time, it’s almost that time!!!!
Did you miss what I just said??? IT’S ALMOST THAT TIME!!!!!

What time, you say?


The hair fair is so close to opening.. but, I got a sneak peek, and the ability to share some of the hairs most awesome styles.. over the next few blogs, other then the boys of summer however, I may still grab a few styles for my “m”alt, will be ALL ABOUT HAIR FAIR!!!!

If you are a newer resident.. or, somehow just missed it, the Hair Fair is one of Second Life’s hugest events in Second Life and this one is a, charity event..
I know this one and the skin fair are my #1 favorite events with the SHOE fair being a close second.. and omg, this one.. is going to be interesting!
Wait til your see the BUILD!

I have some hair from, [Iren] by Irischka Hotshot to share with you in this post.. as well as the Bandana that I submitted for the Bandanna Day wall…

I am not sharing ALL the [Iren] hair because, I would love for you to go by and check out her store there but, here are three of my personal favs!

Blogging soon...
Iren hair fair hairs, [ iren ] Kiss me_ombre, [ iren ] Braided Donut …BLONDS, [ iren ] Follow me …BROWNS

And as I mentioned, I submitted a bandanna for Bandana Day.. these are 50L each and are available from MANY designers, in kiosks all over the event!!!
Make sure to stop by, and check out all the amazing details, and ideas. Here is MINE…

Blogging soon...

The butterfly, IS apart of the bandana.. and is so adorable..

So, that is THIS posts share… and remember, the count down begins!!
I will update this post at the opening, and add the URL for Hair Fair one.. then, I will also do a post with ALL the shops and urls and all the fun stuff that you will need for your enjoyment.
I suggest however, don’t just visit the places that you are familiar with.. give them all a chance.. you never know what you may find.. goodness knows I found a TON of stuff…

Sugar, Sugar

I was on my way home from, Collabo88 and saw that sweet lil elephant by the corner of my eye and was like… pause.. investigate.. MINE!

.::Kirin Poses::. My Little Elephant Pink / Collabor 88

Just a quick note to my sponsors..

I am very committed to my sponsors as well as sharing all items I find amazing on the grid..
With real life changes, my time in second life is limited but, please do not lose faith in me.. if it seems I have not blogged something that you may have sent me either, I did not receive it or, it may be in a “to be blogged” folder.. please, just send me a note and let me know..
I value my sponsors and I am so very honored to be picked to represent their items.
Thank you for continuing to have faith in me.

Links to make your Hair Fair enjoyable!

Demo Info
Wig for Kids
Official Hair Fair Blog
Contest Winners

Styling info

Skin: Glam Affair – Cleo – Jamaica – 07 (new release)
Eyes: IKON Ardent Eyes – Brown
BandanaBandana Day – So Hawt SL Morgana Hilra (updating link soon)
Hair: [ iren ] – Various, read above. (updating link soon)
Ears: BB* Basic Pointy Ears FATPACK
Shape: SoHawtSL – Sarah (Coming Soon)
Top: DN.M: Tubetop / Jacket – 6-Pack (new release)
Shorts: _CandyDoll_ Shorty Jeans – 05 (new release)
Piercing: .:ellabella:. Roque (we heart rp)
Shoes: _CandyDoll_ Lovella Flats – Black w/o bow (new release)


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