The Evolution of a, Jarhead.

Evolution of a Jarhead

The Evolution Below!

With the, Boys Of Summer event starting in a few days, I though this would be the perfect time to update my “M” alt so that when I blogged about this event, you would actually WANT to wear what MY avie was wearing…

Not saying anything bad about the items as I am sure they would look awesome on all avies but, personal preferences, I like “pretty boys”… and this doesn’t really fit.. if MY avie.. is.. blah.. so, I invested in a new skin…. and, I will be doing a review on it later this week… so, make sure you check back for that.. and I bought some hair from [Atro Patena] that was at, The Men’s Dept this round…. I really tried.. and I even got help from my hottie friend, Dev!

So, here we are.. and I am going to show you the “evolution” of a Jarhead (my avies “display name”)…

First off… my display name was inspired by my real life brothers Jackson, and Kyle.. depending on how well you know me personally, this will make more sense to you all but, lol.. for those that do not.. my brothers were marines.. and the term Jarhead, is given as a nic name… Have a read… it is pretty interesting…

I created Jarhead , 3 years 7 months ago… long time right?
And I looked for photos of him but, I can not find many… but, I have 2011 – 2013…. so this should suffice…

Let’s get started…


Jared 2011 - with Bruiser

This is me.. the elf.. of course… and my then partner, Bru1ser.. well, my MAIN (morgana’s)… lol.. as you can see.. for the era, it was Ok.. now looking at it.. there are things I would change.. but, I suppose that is normal for any avatar in sl..

Jared 2012

Not bad looking.. exactly.. the skin was pretty dark though.. and I have since evolved in my thinking that everyone needs a perma tan! lol

I actually edited this photo.. because, well… I am in a pretty mood today.. and it is affecting my photos LOL.. but, this skin was nice, it was what I was into then and if it were say, 3 shades lighter I would totally have kept the skin but, alas.. as many stores do.. this store was “Sorry Asia” and it closed… *sadface*.

And that brings us too, 2013

Jared 2013

Now this time I got help, and we went skin shopping, and I invested in one skin, that I would be able too wear with anything…

It is different with a male avie.. I find myself carefully looking for skins, preferring to only stay in ONE skin, unless asked to blog another… does that make sense?

With Morgie, I am a skin whore.. I own so many, I could make a gallery of just skins..

However, with Jarhead I am picking so carefully because I will only wear this skin (for the most part) and I wanted to choose right..
Same with the hair.. I went to the Mens Dept and I tried on all the hairs.. and they were GREAT but, I only found ONE that I was really happy with…for my avie.

Eyes.. well come on, did you ever doubt that I would get Ikon??

I am just sitting here, looking at my avie, and so surprised by how cool it looks.. and I am not just blowing my ego up on my own, I have been TOLD he looks so much better, and hot and all this other stuff (not pg lol)…

Anyway, I wanted to put this together with the inspiration of, The Boys of Summer event upon us.. and also to share some stuff with you from the event coming up!

Also, I thought I would share some of the items from the, Endless Summer hunt going on now!!!
For more info check my post here!

So, Enjoy the following photo and as always your info will be below!!
And thank you for reading!

Full Bod
Evolution of a jarhead - 1

Half Bod
Evolution of a jarhead - 2

Skin: *BIRTH* Reese Skin (lighttone) – Clean (watch for the skin review coming soon!)
Hair: [Atro Patena] – Neo_Brown
Goatee: ::Fe Style:: Facial Hair – Endless Summer Hunt
Eyes: IKON VIP Group Gift – July 2013
Shape: SoHawtSL Jarhead – Coming Soon
Tattoo: [ZENTRO] Wisdom tattoo [The Boys of Summer]
Pants: VELOCITY BoS Leather Slouch Pants [The Boys of Summer]
Shoes: [NerdMonkey] – Slip-On V. Shoes [Endless Summer Hunt]::.
Piercing: :HV: Endless Summer Hunt
Motorcycle:H&C Wheels Endless Summer Rider
Poses: D.Luxx Poses – Poised [10 Male Poses]


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