Thrift Shop… candy shop?


Styling Below!

Sharing some items from, The Thrift Shop Event..

I will just show a photo, then the item below it.. I want to share as much as possible today (for me, lol) and then just make it nice a short… but, I do not want you to miss anything so… make sure that you go and check things out.. there are apparently over 150 designers that are involved in this.. lol, and I know I can not take THAT many photos.. but, I will do my best to show somethings off.. xoxo

Oh but, first… I wanted to share these GORGEOUS eyes from, Ikon!!!

They are called, Ascension … and they are just… wow!!

Blog - June 11th
Beautiful, right? You can actually get these at, Numberology til the 15th!!!!
Make sure you grab these!!

Now for the Thrift Shop!

Photo 1

Blog - June 11th

Barely Legal – Boobie Buddies Outfit RARE (Gacha)


Photo 2

Blog - June 11th

blah.BLAH.blah*MESH* Tahari Studded Black Dress
blah.BLAH.blah*MESH* Studded Construction Boots (black)


Photo 3

Blog - June 11th

[ SAKIDE ] Hakari Skirt Pattern
[FW] Mesh Blazer Woman Panda
.:CoLL:. Sonmi Bracelet [Cobalt] ~ Right
[TTS gatcha] {Warmy heels} Heels.::Kre-ations:..


Photo 4

Blog - June 11th

[Shush] Gas-mask-gacha


Photo 5

Blog - June 11th

-*-Morrigans Closet-*- Playboy Bodice w/ Ears – Pink RARE


Photo 6

Blog - June 11th

.: Somnia :. Feathered Harlot


So, there you have it… many different items just for you to ogle and then go shop for!
You never know.. this event lasts til the 29th, so I will probably have more shares for you…

The skin worn through out is, Ava from Belleza one of this weeks Best Buys.. so, it IS available still but, at normal price and the hair worn through out is called, [e] Breathe and I always get the Essentials Collection… mainly because, my tastes change at any given moment.. so, this pack is awesome for me…
Also a note on the hair.. if you go NOW.. you may still be able to get the hairs for their clearance prices…

Anyway… have fun shopping!!



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