I knew I forgot something.

True Self2

Styling Below!

Ever have one of those days where, you forget almost everything you have done, or haven’t?
Well, this lovely gem falls under the oops, category!
I honestly thought I had blogged this dress… it was the one that caught my eye the day before the faire opened at, Paco & Manuel’s store 22769 …. and I wanted to buy it but, Paco was sweet and sent me the bloggers package!

There are items for men & women, and over the next few days, I will be sharing as much as I can… but, I really wanted to get this dress up here for you lovely ladies… and I stayed up, and I did the photos… then.. passed out..thinking I had already posted my blog.. oops.

So, I will do my best to share it now!
I say this because, I have since changed my whole appearance… and I do not exactly remember everything I was wearing but, I remember the dress!!

True Self
22769 ~ [femme] FF The Queens Dress (All colors)

Isn’t this a beaut?

I know the hair is from, Lelutka and the skin is from, the Zodiac Event by Essences
I believe the shape is my newest and it is coming soon called, Bethany and the eyes are from, Ikon and I believe are still at, The Boutique…..

And of course the EARS!

They are also from, 22769’s fantasy faire items!

The location… well that is MY little secret.. no one can go there unvited… the dragons will each you!


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