Not so grim, GRIM!

Grim Bros

Styling Below!

Another awesome addition to this years, Fantasy Faire is, Grim Bros..
This store has been around as long as my Morgie character if not, LONGER!

This store seems to specialize mostly, in the unusual… like this Cow Dress!

Grim Bros

Very unique.. dontcha think?

Their uniqueness doesn’t end with their dresses however.. they also have shoes..
These are, Love Potion, Poison Ivy and, Butterfly Love….

Grim Bros

And as seen above, they have hats as well!

For the more traditional ladies out there, they have this nice, Ooolong dress..

Grim Bros
Note: There is a small glitch in the skirt, ONE prim is set to full bright however, the skirt is MOD so, right click it, click edit parts, click on the one prim and go to texture, unclick full bright, and you are good to go. xo

And that, ladies and Gents are the items from this years faire from, Grim Bros.

Other Items

Skin: Essences – Taurus 01 (Zodiac Event)
Ears: 22769 ~ Elven Ear (Fantasy Faire)
Eyes: IKON Ardent Eyes – Sage (The Boutique)
Hair: [e] Again – Essentials Collection
Shape: So Hawt SL – Bethany (Coming Soon)


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