A dream…

A Dream


Styling Below!

I first saw this gorgeous dress on, Strawberry Singh’s blog and HAD to have it..
Unfortunately for me, I saw it AFTER the fair opened.. and folks.. my pc, SUCKS!
However.. the draw to it overwhelmed my knowledge of this, and I braved the fair with my crappy PC… and I got it!
I crashed a few times because not only did I want this dress… from, FateWear..
I also wanted this awesome hair from, Wasabi Pills… and being me, I HAD to get the RFL items.. Well, FateWear only had this version up anyway, which is for RFL but, even if they had other versions.. I would have gotten THIS ONE.

A Dream

I love the details, and how well the upper part looks on my avatar..
Now, with MOST mesh, it DOES pose challenges with my AO but, it doesn’t matter.. the dress is amazing.

A Dream

I wanted to mix and match different items from the fair as well as from other events happening.

So, in these photos I bring you, 22769 ~ Elven Ears..
Hair, /Wasabi Pills/ Erika Mesh Hair – RFL2013..
Skin, Essences – Taurus 03 from the, Zodiac..
Eyes from, The Boutique IKON Ardent Eyes – Clarity…
My amazing dress, FATEwear – Rochon – Diamond and last but not least..
My boots… yummmm….. lol, *{ SeVered GarDeN }* PIPER Boots*
OH! And poses also from the Zodiac, !bang – mini series – intuition!

The shape I am wearing, is named Bethany and will be available soon however, if you are a blogger and interested in blogging for me, let me know!
Send me an EMAIL at, MHilra@gmail.com with the subject heading “blogger application”..
Include, name (user not display), blog link and feeds.
Must be a blogger longer then 3 months.

So, in this post, I have covered a few items.. and I have so much more to bring to you.. and no worries, I will cover it all!!

I really hope that you enjoy the faire, and please remember to show your support and either buy the RFL items or, make a donation xox TY!

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