And so.. it begins…


Styling Below!

Normally, I go into grand detail about my post but, I am so tired.. it has been a hard few days, both in RL and SL.. and I really need a break to just be with my friends and watch a MOVIE.. or, something.. but, I wanted to post this first because, this is likely my largest post as far as photos go… well, other then Paco’s store but, that will be later tonight, or tomorrow lol…

These avies are tiny and cute!

They are from, ND/MD Skins & Shapes by Alea Lamont.. whom was actually wearing one when I saw her on the sim!
She looked soooo cute!

There are male, female, and child.. however, the child ones are not as small….. I think they are basically like, Toddlee but, different..
With the Bits avie.. you use your own head however, these are full mesh avatars… and awwww.. so adorable!

This one, is available for the RFL…
Fantasy Faire items...
RFL Item: ND/MD Little me (Faith First Date) tiny Avatar RFL item
The hair is actually from, [elikatira], however, I do not know if they are opened yet.. but, you can use any mod hair, with the script that is provided with the avatar.. 🙂

Also available for RFL is this cute little underwear set.. that I am wearing with another of their cute avatars..
Fantasy Faire items...
RFL Set: ND/MD Cuties *Wear Pink* Underwear
Avatar: ND/MD Cuties (Boo-pale)

As I said above.. there is also a MALE version of the “Little Me” avatars..also part of the RFL!
Fantasy Faire items...
RFL Item: ND/MD Nano male-pale Miles tiny avatar RFL item

And then.. for you Drows out there in Second Life… would you not LOVE for your little drow to look like this!
Fantasy Faire items...
Avatar: ND/MD Cuties (Drow warm)
And that little undies set comes with the avie as well..
However, at the fair you can pick up free templates to make some clothing of your own..

I am sure there was more I could have written here.. but, as I said.. not feeling 100% today..
I actually wrote alot more then I intended.. lol, have you ever noticed that? whenever I say, I am not going to write much.. I go off on a tangent? lol.

ND/MD Skins & Shapes can be found on the, Lumenaria ~ Sponsored by Solarium.

I hope I got it all right.. haha.. and I hope that you enjoy your adventures!
I am going to go hang out with a friend for a bit, then go pass out! lol. xoxo


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