WAIT! Who said I was, “Trouble”?

Wait! Who said I was "trouble"?

LOL.. Now Playing!

Styling Below!

Lots of things to share with you today so, I made a “Look of the day”..
All your info will be in the post so, pay attention hehehehe….

First up we have a new release from, Truth Hawks called, Tymber and is available at FaMESHed April!

The next thing I wanted to share is this awesome, beautiful skin from, Inka Mexicola (Essences) called, Opera CHIC *sunkissed* and is available at the, Dressing Room Fusion event!
Also, if this is now your color style the full release has been set out at the, “Big Boobie Show”… click the link for the Seraphim link!
I love Inka’s skins, they are all so natural!
Your can see, Inka’s photo of them, here!!

The skirt that I am wearing is a new release from, beanster Potato of, Ducknipple called, DN Mesh: Amai Skirt and has a hud with many many different color options.. change the skirt, the belt, all to suit your needs!

My hot sexy, daring boots are from, Kehl Razor of Razorblade Jacket (who btw is also part of the outlet sales room!!) !
These boots are called, Razor /// Envy Boots in Black and are avail for a great price over at, FI*Fridays!

Wait! Who said I was "trouble"?

The earrings I am wearing, are a new release from, Sunny1986 Ember of, !Admiral Spicy! called, Owl mesh!
I love owls.. my top is also from, !Admiral Spicy! and is called, Oversized Draped Tee in Owl White!

The piercings you see on my face are part of this rounds, The Outlet Sales Room… which I just blogged over at, Seraphim so have a look at that when you have a chance as well!!
They are from, Phoebe Ubert and are color changeable!

I am wearing my “human” ears again, as you can see and I will stand by this still to this day, and on… Kikunosuke Eel makes the best mesh ears!!
I love these, Unisex ears… and I really really wish that they would make ELF ears…
Honestly… can’t you see how popular they would be? Heck, I know HUMAN avies that would buy them lol…. again, these are the ONLY human ears I will wear.. 90% of the time I am an elf… lol, as you all know..

Wait! Who said I was "trouble"?

So, one day I was telling, my most awesome sister, Rudhmellowen Laguna that sometimes I find myself being a total psychotic *BLEEP*, and I was apologizing for that lol…however, before I sent it to HER… I accidentally sent it to my new friend, Alex… so, after spending a good amount of time laughing about it… days later, I don THIS tattoo… and invite Alex over for a visit..
To which he informs me that having “MAD” tattooed on my neck, doesn’t exactly “HELP” my psychotic *BLEEP* defense very well….
I could not help but, laugh..
This tattoo is from one of my favorite tattoo/clothing stores in SL CORVUS by, Lori Stanton and of course it is called, MAD….

BTW!! Before I forget.. because, I can be a tad forgetful!
Rudhmellowen has an AWESOME blog called, Rudhs Random Rambling, and I would love it if you were to have a look at it, and maybe mark it as a fav?
She works so hard on it, and as any blogger, sometimes we all just need alil extra encouragement, and I know my readers are awesome ppl, so I am sure that you will love her stuffs!

Last few things to share with you..

My ring!! This is also from, !Admiral Spicy! and is called, what else? Panda mesh!!

My eyes OF COURSE because, 9/10 are always from, WHERE???
Ikon Innovia and are called, IKON Ardent Eyes in Blossom from, the Boutique~!

The tattoo I have on my arm is from, Petiita Blackbart of, -UtopiaH – and is called, World of Candy!
This is an awesome MESH tattoo! So this means, it is on ONE ARM ONLY.. and if your a follower of my blogs you would know, I have been wanting these like mad.
And only in the past say, 6 months have they started to pop up on the grid..
I wish more big brands would start to do this.. actually, I wonder why they have not. *pouts*.

And last but never least, all the poses in this post from by my darling sister, Sapphire Coakes of D.Luxx Poses!
And you can find these awesome poses at the, Pose Fair!

Ok, I think it is safe to end this post… lol.. I think I have written it all down.. but, if I missed something, let me know!!

xoxo Enjoy your day…

~ Morgana


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