Nature is lovely in bloom!

Nature is lovely in bloom

Styling Below!

So, today is the last day of the skin fair.. and I swear I tried to cover everything…. but, I am only human and I may have missed a few.. I don’t think I did.. but, who knows…

If I did let me know, and I will do a make up post!

This skin, I could swear I blogged already but, I may not have… lol… it is from, Candydoll and is called, Hanna..
My hair is from, .Ploom. called, Stephie… and OH there is a hunt going on called, Pink Fusion.. and it runs from, March 15 – April 15...

Nature is lovely in bloom2

I have included a dress from, Razorblade Jacket (#1) and pumps from, {Epic} (#38).. nice gifts right?
The earring I am wearing is actually a cuff from, [Glow studios] called, guinea fowl.
And this really pretty beaded necklace from, League called, Autumn.

Nature is lovely in bloom3

So that is my share of the day.. I am going to take a break and well.. hang out with, Nikole then go pass out… if you need me you know where to find me. xoxo


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