feed my addiction and feed it well!

feed my addiction and feed it well!

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I love blogging.. I have never really thought of the REASONS… I just really love to write, and take photos and share with my readers!
I love to shop and I am so honored when I am either ASKED to blog a store because, of maybe a recent post I had made on a store… or, when an opportunity to join a blogging team comes up and I am accepted into the fold… also when I somehow find the nerve to actually ASK a designer if I may blog certain items and they accept me…. (this does not happen very often as, despite popular opinion, I AM VERY SHY!! lol think about it.. how often do you see me out and about with ppl? and those are my FRIENDS lol)…

So, I was reading one of my favorite blogs, Grazia’s SL one day and I happened about a post about blogging, and review copies and such.. and I agreed with her so much that, I wanted to add it to MY blog, so you all could read it… in it, she also links a post by, Sasy Scarborough another amazing blogger well known in Second Life.
The posts go on to say what they personally love about blogging, and their experiences..

I have to agree with what they both said..
I am very honored by the relationships I have created with designers and I am grateful that they will randomly send out review copies of their items.
I do however, also buy items to blog.

My inventory currently stands at approx. 75K…
I go through it every few months, and remove items that no longer fit my personal style or, things that I love but, just no longer wear and can not seem to delete, I box up with a huge, DO NOT DELETE ME DUMMY, on the title…. that normally makes me want to see what the items are, and sometimes I find a treasure I thought I lost lol.

I am not going to break it all down to cost but, I will say this…
Grazia has it down!

I try to utilize gifts that designers give me.. such as fat packs of skins or hair…
Clothing, I try to use often, here and there just to make sure that I show MY support to them.
And I am very happy that they help to support my crazy shopping and photography addiction lol.

Ok, well I am starting to ramble.. I encourage you to read both Grazia and Sasy’s posts!!
They are very informative!!

And, I wanted to thank all the designers that have in one way or another accepted my self and my blog into your store, and for some of you, for accepting ME as a friend….

Ok, lol now on with my post!!


I have been a fan of this store for a very long time.
Ever since I was a wee noobie as Morgana Hilra, I have often shopped at their store (s)!
Things I use to love about the store, complete outfits…
Way back in the day, they were one of the only places that offered this choice, and the compilations were ADORABLE!
And now, here we are years later and omg.. they have just gotten better!
They have this store on Marketplace, and all the things they come up with I drool over.. and when I can, I grab my favorite items and hope that I make enough from my side business to be able to get another outfit from them… lol..
So, yeah.. obsessed with this store?. I think so..
So, last week when I saw they were opening to bloggers… you better believe I put in an application..
I am always scared to do this because, well…shy.. shy shy shy.. lol.
However!! My application was accepted!!


So, all those outfits I loved and wasn’t able to get…. guess what… lol.

I am starting things off today with this adorable dress called, DN Mesh: Beverly.
This comes with a hud with, 12 dress textures and 6 metal textures..
I have chosen these to share with you but, I swear you need to check this out for yourself.. OH and did I mention FREE demos?
This is one of their Marketplace items.. and another great thing about, Ducknipple.. I have to say is their prices..
SLX Outfits are a combination between Ducknipple and 20.FIVE.
They use to be awesome back in the day but, they actually got LESS expensive!
Great for new and old residents!

feed my addiction and feed it well!

I thought this was a perfect way to share these … and yes, this is the official name… at least, in MY mind…. “Yummy Delicious Gorgeous To DIE for, heels...”
OK! you got me.. that is not the actual NAME but, come on… can’t you see it??
These heels are from, none other then N-Core!
These ADDICTION heels with be available at the Hollywood event opening March 30!
So, stay tuned for that little bit!! rawr!!
In the mean time you could always check out the main store!!
N-Core limo!

The fat pack comes in, 16 shoe textues, 16 lace textures, omg.. you know what.. there are ALOT of textures, lol… so many choices, you have to be able to find a match for your outfit and there is that smart match system!!
I don’t think that is it’s actual name but, trust me… this thing is grand!
And also when matching your skin to the shoes, they provide the RGB that they used to match so then you can use that number on your mesh hands, or maybe ears.. or.. HEAD lol…

Just look at all this glory!

feed my addiction and feed it well!

So, as you can see, so much yumminess in this post and even extra info for you to read!!
I think this one goes down as one heck of a long post, huh?

I also included hair from, Truth Hawks called, >TRUTH< London – reds!
And this beautiful skin from, Tricky Boucher called, -Belleza- Amy in Med tone!
My eyes are from, Ikon Innovia and called, IKON Ardent Eyes – Clarity available at, The Boutique!

Oh and of course, if you are interested in the pose that is from , Evangeline Cortes and called, [LA] Shoes Structure Multipose… their poses are awesome.. I love the props!!
This prop is only 3 prims and I think there is about 8 poses… and sexy!! lol.

OK! Break time! I really hope that you enjoyed this post, and that you found it informative and that I didn’t mess it up somehow LOL… hehe…
I just OOOOOZE with confidence.. huh? lol xoxoxo

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