Bring on the stalkers, baby!!

I mean.. really awesome new, friends……

Styling Below!

I have decided to try to be more open to meeting new people.
I have found in the past, all I do is dwell, and that only makes sl a dark and boring place so, with that in mind, I have decided to stalk some new people….. wait, that is not right, oh, I have decided to attempt to make some new friends.

Nikole & Lexi are my first victims… wait.. no.. I think I would be Nikole’s victim since she sought ME out… lol..
Either way, YAY new friends… lol..

So, if your looking for a new friend that is…slightly neurotic… OK! fine, VERY neurotic, then, hey, say hi to me sometime in sl!
I promise to tell you when you need milk, and to always feed your cat!

So, on with the post!

Aikea Rieko of Plastik has released some new stuffies, and as I play catch up, I am going to share with you this really cute, mini dress called, :[P]:-Pandora Dress…
I chose to show you 3 colors, with these awesome new shoe/legwarmers by, Berta Avro of, Severed Garden called, *{ SeVered GarDeN }* Tsuki and I am wearing the stripes version!
And the poses are from her as well.. I am not sure the exact names but, they are all awesome!

Bring on the stalkers, baby!!

I have also chosen to wear Aida Ewing of Glam Affair‘s newest skin named, Glam Affair – Zara in Jamaica tone and makeup, 01!
Doesn’t this skin totally compliment these eyes from, Ikon Innovia of Ikon Eyes called, Ardent Eyes – Clarity , and of course I always wear the ML or the L…oh and I should mention that these eyes are available at, The Boutique!

And this awesome hair from, Helyanwe Vindaloo of Ploom called, Stephie!
This hair comes with a hud so you can change the colors!
I got the Candy pack.. I tend to do that, or the indecisive pack!
I really wish more places would offer that … like, Wasabi.. god, you have no idea how much I would spend or my friends would spend if more places had that option! *hint hint* lol.

One more thing.. Kikunosuke Eel makes the BEST!!!!!!!!!! mesh ears in sl that I have seen so far.
And I am wearing their, Steking ears.. the ONLY non Elf ears I will wear.. like, ever.. but, I really really wish they would make ELF ears..
I have been begging them.. note cards, IMs.. you name it, I have tried to, to get them to make elf ears… sigh.. I really wish they would.. I think their style would look awesome in Elfish.. and I would totally blog spam the living kadoodle out of them…
Please, someone.. ask them to make them.. I am wondering if the reason the are not replying is maybe, they don’t understand what I am asking? Since I know it is not any other reason because, I know they are totally awesome over at, Mandala.… siiiiigh, well I will hope and cross my pixel fingers!

I think this is a nice, small share with some info.. and a story lol..

I am in a good mood today.. I had an epiphany last night and for the first time in a long time, I actually slept, and felt rested…
Thank you to the friends that stood by me over the past few weeks.. your support is what has brought me thru the darkness unscathed!
You all rock!!

Anyway, all your links are above!! I would that you enjoyed this post lol.

Thank you for commenting!

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