Well, HELLO Miss Sadie!!

Well, hello Miss Sadie!

Styling Below!

So the creators of the Chloe mesh avatar (head) have released a new mesh named, LOGO Infinity Sadie Hybrid Mesh Avatar!
Way to go, Maximillion Grant!

Since the release of Chloe there have been a number of different mesh heads released and, now we have Sadie…
I will admit they are very similar however, there are a couple differences..

The lips shapes are different, there are more options with this new mesh, and I think Sadie may actually be alil more “mature” looking as well.
And Chloe had a more.. look of wonder like that of a child..
The eyes are more defined as well, and the face is more elongated.
I think that is the right word I was searching for, lol.
Honestly…. I look at Sadie.. as though I am looking at what Chloe would look like as an adult….

If you would like to see my post on, Chloe have a look here!

As with Chloe, there are many addons that you can get for this mesh.
Below is a photo of first (left and middle) are the original hud that comes with the mesh then, the other “eyes and shadows” are addons..
And, the HUD now has collapsible sections such as, eyes, shadows, brows, expressions, etc…..

Well, hello Miss Sadie!

There are so many makeup combos you can make as well!!
Here is an example of a few I chose..

Well, hello Miss Sadie!

To use the addons, they are scripted so, you have to load them yourself.
To do this, you just drag your hud to the floor, or an object (like i do) right click it, and go into edit, content, then drag your desired skin tone from the addons folder into the hud.. if you drag your hud from your inventory to the ground it will automatically make a back up of your hud.. so, no worries there.
I know this may sound difficult but, the way I see it is, if I can figure it out, so can you! lol.
Think of it this way… put yourself out for 3 mins of work and only need ONE hud for all… lol.

Also there are some really cute expressions!\

Well, hello Miss Sadie!

Oh thing I will say.. overall, this is a very cute avatar head.. Sadie, is perfect for those more mature ppl that had originally said that Chloe was too child like or young..
The ONLY issue I have been able to come up with is….

When switching between facial expressions, there is a glitch..
If you say start off with a squinty eye… then try to go to the wide eyes, sometime it will only do PART of the expression, which if you go right from a wide eye to a wide eyed expression, then it will work.. but, other then that small glitch, it is a pretty cool avie.. I was not even going to mention it but, that is the point to a review, to share what I like, and share what catches my eye… and that, I noticed more then once..

Over all, I would highly suggest trying out a demo at the skin fair, and seeing what you think about it.

Also, as a quick add here, please take a moment and have a look at this event.. it is called, The Buddy Walk.. I think that this will be interesting reading for those that love fashion, and supporting a great cause in Second Life!

Here is your styling info, and I really hope you have enjoyed this post!

Head/Skin: LOGO Infinity Sadie Hybrid Mesh Avatar
Hair: ::Exile:: American Woman:True Colors
Top: =Zenith=(babyblue)Off Shoulder Long Sweater
Socks: Zenith Foot Wear*Cute Socks
Necklace: =Zenith=Ribbon Necklace(Group Gift)
Bracelet: PP – Love Stacked Bracelets – Black & Silver* (The Buddy Walk)
Poses: Severed Garden

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