It’s TIME!

Skin Fair Official Poster 2013 copy

Would you like me to tell you the secret of an amazing, Skin Fair experience?
It is so easy… you will kick yourself if you did not already know it…

Styling Below!

Buy this!

It will make everything so much better…
You wear it… tp in, grab all the demos that you are interested in… go home, take it off, try the demos, put it back on, and go buy the skins you want…

Pass this on to your friends… their friends.. their enemies… lol.. other bloggers, designers… everyone…

This will make for an amazing low lag experience if everyone just buys it… which it is FREE, so you do not lose anything…
and wears it to the fair… and .. well any event!

The skin fair is not a “fashion show”… you WANT to be able to move around and lets face it, low AR costs are the only way to go!

I hope that you enjoy your self, and I will have tons more posts for you, I just thought that maybe my readers would enjoy a few things to help them out!

Here are your Sim maps, labeled thanks to the hard working individuals of the Skin Fair, and your sim links!!


Skin Fair 2013 Map Sim 1

Skin Fair 2013 Map Sim 2 copy

Have fun, and enjoy yourself!

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