I am in love with a, Hybrid!

Review review Review!

Styling Below!

I was fortunate enough to be given a copy of, Snow Rabbit’s, Hybrid Avatar Head Nea avatar to review… and just, words.. almost, escape me..

Review review Review!

This avatar is beautiful..
The teeth are adorable and so natural looking.
I love the animations, which I will share some with you below..
The shape of the face is very, cherub looking, which I also love.
The animations are fluid… now, the fact that there are animations and they are automatic is one of the best things about this avatar!

Don’t get me wrong, there are many other mesh heads on Second Life that are equally beautiful however, I have yet to see one with such amazing detail.

For this post the only editing I have done, is to add a layout.. so, other then the very first photo, no touch ups have been done!

In this package you will receive, Included in the S@R Hybrid Avatar Head package:

S@R Hybrid Avatar Head Nea
S@R Hybrid Avatar HUD Nea
S@R Hybrid Avatar Mini-HUD Nea
S@R Skin in Milky White, Natural White, Natural Beige, Bronz, and Dark (regular&cleavage version)
S@R Eye (Left, Right)
S@R Mesh Alpha (with eye, without eye)
S@R Tears (by NODe+)
S@R Mesh Shape (size XXS-S)
S@R Face Light

It seems like a lot of things.. but, really it isn’t..
I always go by this… if I can figure it out so can you… actually, come to think of it.. if I can’t figure it out. I will ask YOU lol.. like, the tears.. for the life of me, I can not get them to work however, Gogo got them to work so you can check her out too!

There are several makeup options… such as lipsticks, blushes, shadows and even cute little beauty marks.

Review review Review!

Review review Review!

Now, this as other items in Second life is not without its issues..

One huge one for me is the “full bright”..
I PERSONALLY do not like that… however, as luck would have it, you can actually turn this off… and it is MY suggestion to do so if you like custom windlight settings.

This is an example…

Now this photo is with a “lighter” windlight, and so you really do not see too much of a difference..

Review review Review!

Left is without, and right is with….

As you can see, maybe the one on the right is prettier with the full bright on however…

I love Elysium Eilde’s PreDraw windlights.. and those are a bit darker..
As above the one on the left is without full bright, and the one on the right… well, I am sure you can see what I am referring too…

Review review Review!

As you can see… this does NOT work well for that, so I have my full bright turned off.

Again, this is just my opinion and I am sure this would be the same for anything full bright.

In Gogo’s post, she refers to some glitchy issues with, Ambient Occlusion being turned on or off… so, I suggest that you read that.. I do not use it at all.. I just take my photos SUPER high res then down size them … hehehe

All in all this mesh head is beautiful and so worth trying..
Also, for all those KID avies out there.. this would be perfect for you.. well, maybe not the boys… but, then.. why not?
If your a young enough male child, and of course wear this in all the natural (no lipstick, no shadow…etc) then, hey… why not? If you can match your male skin to it, I say go for it!

This is a little video I did to show the animations, and the angles… I love this mesh!

The hair that I am wearing, is a new release by Truth Hawks!
It is as you can see, a beautiful long style with really sweet ringlets called, Kasia! Awesome job, Truth!

The necklace and lingerie used are awesome gacha items at the “Luck of the Irish” gacha event happening NOW!
I am so sorry, I have not covered this event, I meant too but, with RL then WCF and Skin fair, it slipped my mind however, I will redeem myself with the next event and you also have 2 more days to get to the event and try your luck!!

Styling Info!

Skin/Head: S@R Hybrid Avatar_Nea_Fat Pack (Thank you, Shirousagi)
Hair: >TRUTH< Kasia – dark browns
Eyes: IKON Eternal Eyes – Azure
Necklace: Intrepid:: Geo Lingerie Sets- Luck of the Irish Gatcha
Lingerie: .:ellabella:. Trail Necklace – Agate Green- Luck of the Irish Gatcha
Poses: [Gos & oOo] Pouffe – Small – Black

6 thoughts on “I am in love with a, Hybrid!

  1. OKAY – the song on the review video literally made me LOL… I haven’t heard that song in years!!! I agree – I snagged a copy of this head when I was out eyelash hunting…. it’s darling!

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