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Yesterday was NOT a great day for me.. so many things just went south..
Doing good has it’s consequences too ya know?
(not going to get into it.. just know, it is still playing on my brain, and if your a friend, you likely already know what it is…)

Moving on…

The Arcade Gacha Event started yesterday and even though I promised myself, I was going to wait a few days…. I went.. LOL.

I got some really awesome items, and I will be sharing them along with more items from, The Whore Couture Fair in the next coming posts..

Something I was totally obsessed at getting was the PINK Truth hair!!
I tried but, didn’t get it.. so, I decided to go to the MANY gacha yard sales, asking for help in finding this elusive PINK hair along the way…
One lady that I got to talking with was, Meg Hadlee.. and she was such a doll!!
After MANY hours looking, and crashing, and just about to give up (as if), I got this awesome offline message, “Meg Hadlee: I got your pink hair!”
This awesome lady, saw the hair that had stressed me out looking for all day, and BOUGHT it so no one else would get it before I could!!
THAT was awesome.. after this horrible day.. both sl & rl.. she did this awesome thing..
I know many of you likely think that, me making this huge deal over something like this, is.. well ME MAKING A BIG DEAL.. but, it was.. even small things can impact someone.
So, THANK you Meg!! You ROCK!
You should all check out her blog, Hadlee’s Heirlooms!
It is super cute, and her adorable kids are in it!

Obsessed with Pink

So, info on the items in these photo… well, I think we have all figured out that the HAIR is from the Truth Gacha… lol, and so are the flowers actually.. they are apart of the pack!

My skin here, is also at the Gacha event, it is from Glam Affair and is called, Luria #6... I got a FEW of these too lol.. I mean, HELLO, Glam Affair is like, the TOP of the list of favorite skin designers, so any event they are in, or when they come out with a new release, I am all over it, lol….
I am actually wearing a Seduce lipstick (Vamp) from, Dead Apples and you can get this from the Whore couture fair as well as eyes from, Dead Apples The Arcade Gacha called, Anime Eyes – Sweet!

My top is actually a dress.. “Branched Dress Shirt”, lol from RoTtEn DeFiAnCe..
There are so many colors available.. I went with black because it matched my mood at the time that I put together my “look” and I paired it with this cute looking skirt.. it is actually, a garter from Vestigium .. just a nice simple name like, Pink strips…
I am also STILL wearing my collar also by Vestigium...

Another thing you can see here is actually a whore couture fair GIFT from, *Epic*… these are called, *Epic VIP* Rigged Mesh Mesh Damned Demon Hands!
I love them, I had to add them to this outfit…

More whore couture fair items would be these awesome heels from, Razorblade Jacket!
Razor /// Element Wedges H have this hud, where you can change all the options!
If you would like to see a photo of the HUD and all the info, have a look HERE!

And here is MY photo with a tattoo from, Endless Pain tattoos called, Dragonfly Dance.. (it is a full body but, only my legs are shown here, which is actually the effect I was going for anyway lol xx)

Obsessed with Pink

So, there you have it.. my ramblings and my shares for today..
I may or may not blog again today but, no worries there is tons more to share with you, and I WILL.

Also, side note.. there is a contest with Glam Affair.. and I am entering but, since I know there are so many other amazing ladies out there, I figured I would share the info.. it could be fun!

OK! Info time! I will link you to the SIM the store it on for the whore couture..
I recommend that you go in the littlest amount of prims and clothing unless you have one of those full bod alphas…

~ ~ ~ ~ ~

Whore Couture Items

Lipstick: {D.A} Seduce Lipsticks – Vamp
Tattoo: Endless Pain Tattoos – Dragonfly Dance
Dress: [*RD*]*Branched Dress Shirt-Black*
Hands: *Epic VIP* Rigged Mesh Mesh Damned Demon Hands! -Wear-
Shoes: Razor /// Element Wedges H- HUD Driven
Vestigium – Leather Collar – Tagged

The Arcade Gacha

Eyes: {D.A} Anime Eyes – Sweets
Skin: Glam Affair- Luria 06
Hair: TRUTH HAIR Video Games – Pink

Other Items

Shape: {Anatomy} – Luna



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