Rock your drama, Amadeus!

Rock your drama, amadeus

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“Er war ein Punker
Und er lebte in der großen Stadt
Es war Wien, war Vienna
Wo er alles tat
Er hatte Schulden denn er trank
Doch ihn liebten alle Frauen
Und jede rief:
Come on and rock me Amadeus”

read below for, more info!

With everything going on in my life, both SL & RL combined, I wanted to do a more… aggressive post..
So this is what your getting! lol.

I love Essences skins! Don’t I look like, Jennifer Connelly?

Rock your drama, amadeus

OMG! And, I cheated… on, Ikon!!!
The Skinnery has some KILLER eyes out now.. that stopped me in my tracks on plurk!
Mochi Milena has posted eyes for, Gogo to check out from, [ The Skinnery ] by, Umazuma Metaluna and I just HAD to go take a looksie, and I cheated on Ikon and bought a few pairs!!
They were just too pretty!!!

Anyway, I have tons of items here to share with you..
New hair from, Truth Hawks called, Zendaya and these awesome boots from, Razorblade Jacket.. these are cool, I am wearing them in black but they come with this killer hud with like, 27 colors.. then a ton of different options.. and only 499L.. honestly, you would only have to buy ONE pair and then oyu would have a color for just about any “LOOK”.

Also, I have been utterly OBSESSED with tattoos from, Tenjin!
I took my sister there, and she and I basically bought out the WHOLE STORE!
Tattoos there only cost between 40-100L or less… not bad right?

This top, is another one of those HUD style clothing options!
It is from, Enelya’s Créations and are called, Julia.. now this one comes with, 10 color styles and also something about Julia.. they come with PANTS! And the special thing about the pants.. it is the FIRST TIME I have seen texture changeable PANTS in sl.. I see tons of dresses, shoes, boots, feet, tops… but usually when it is pants, only the belt is changeable. I am only wearing the top atm tho.. so, make sure to check this out because, HELLO, interchangeable!!

Rock your drama, amadeus

Anyway, this is what I wanted to share with you… and I hope that you like it..
Feel free to comment, like, share, reblog, or scoop lol. and Thank you to those that DO all those!


Skin: Essences – Fallulah Skin
Hair: >TRUTH< Zendaya – black & whites
Eyes: [the Skinnery]Lovers eye-Raven
Lashes: *REDGRAVE* Eyelashes -38- Classy
Tattoo 1 – Tenjin Stars & Stripes Forever Tattoo
Tattoo 2 – Tenjin Automatic Flowers Tattoo


Top: %.:EC:. Box Julia (top worn only)
Pants: *DL* Eleet – Ladies Drop Crotch Pants – boxed
Boots: Razor /// Regulator Combat – Full Version


Piercing: set AR20
Mask: {alterego} unisex mesh face mask – black

Poses: Oracul – Beat

Location : Undine West


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