Girlfriends – Instruction Manual NOT icluded!

Instructions NOT included - Blog Post3

read below for, more info!

Yes, you read the title correctly..
I am so tired of guys expecting us to come with instructions..
We don’t.. there.. that is your instruction.
You have to figure it out on your own.. all we can do is tell you what makes us happy, and then you have to get off your tush and figure it out!

Ok, that is enough venting…

I would like to thank, Toxxic Rhiannyr for taking time out to teach me how to make my own signature brush!
It is so awesome when a designer, or anyone for that matter, takes some time to stop and help someone out.. especially teaching them to do something.. because then it just gets passed on, and praised.

I am playing with my photo signatures because of two reasons.. first, I wanted to personalize my photos for my blog… seems like a good idea.. and that leads us into the second reason and that would be.. I love to be “scooped” or “reblogged”, I just want to have my signature ON my photos so that for MY peace of mind, other know I created the photos…. I don’t know if that makes sense but, those are my reasons..

That being said.. the looks below that I am about to share with you, lol.. I found a signature AFTER I finished these photo that I am happy with.. so you will have to wait til the next post to see what I chose! lol.

Ok, so first I have an announcement to share with you all !

Blackout Sale

This is going to be the THIRD blackout sale!!

You DO have to be inside my VIP group to enter the sim, on Tues, Feb 12th. AlterEgo’s Toxxic sim will be blocked to VIP access for 24 hours {midnight – midnight}. The group fee is currently 500L, but the day of BlackOut, the fee will be 1,000L! So I suggest if your tails want to BE in the place, you join nao, or hold onto your titles tight if your already in!

quoted from, Toxxic

So, you read it correct!
(I am already in it.. yay!!)
AlterEgo will be discounted to 25% off the whole store!!!
Other stores that have also been invited to participate are, Crush, Skankaholic, Clusterphuk, Razorblade Jacket, Amorous, Sugarskull & Dirtyland…

Now to share a couple, LOOKS with you, then I am logging out for the night!!

Outfit 1:{alterego} love stinks

Instructions NOT included - Blog Post2

Outfit 2: {alterego} flying

Instructions NOT included - Blog Post


Skin: Lara Hurley-Anais natural tan (NEW RELEASE)
Eyes: IKON Eternal Eyes – Hazel
Tattoo: Drink Fight F*** by Endless Pain Tattoos
Shape: {Anatomy} – Luna

Clothing: Both from, Alterego

Poses: Glitterati – Curtain


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