Who runs the world? GIRLS!

B* Tail blog post

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read below for, more info!

I am trying to get the “get up and go” of, “get up and go”…
I have decided to just share a few “looks” with you today, and also to show you how this skin “Glam Affair – Cassiopea” looks on my slightly edited {Anatomy} – Luna shape.
I love this shape, lol… I am not sure if this was the shape that Glitch made by my suggestion but, it ended up being PERFECT!
The great thing about Glitch’s shapes would be the fact that they ARE, modifiable.
I just made a mild edit on the lips, I only made the width wider… nothing else was touched.

All the outfits below are from, BT.. (aka B****H TAIL)….
I like the outfits, most are casual..
And Tiff , seems to be breaching into the mesh more and more..

I only have one… not complaint.. it is not a question of her clothing… I am only wondering why someone would name their store something that, automatically gets CENSORED..
I have to censor it in order to add it to any feeds…. and that seems a bit of a shame..
I just wish I did not have to censor it, to be able to reach more people.. like, with tagging.. I can not TAG anything with the B word.. that is offense to the PG crowd, and then I can not really add this clothing to my “bad girl” category because, they are full outfits suitable for everyone..
I don’t know.. just random thinking going on over here.

See? This is what happens when I am not feeling well in RL.. lol.

Anyway, on to the outfits!

I will simply show the outfits, with each outfit name below the photo and if it is at a special event, and then at the end I will fill in the other info.


B* Tail blog post
.::BT::. Twenty Two (New Release)


B* Tail blog post
.::BT::. Over Reaction (Acid Lily)


B* Tail blog post
.::BT::. Sleepy (this is a hunt item.. I am not sure which hunt item since atm, I am unable to get to the store and check but, hey… HUNT ITEM!)


Skin: Glam Affair – Cassiopea – America 02
Shape: {Anatomy} – Luna
Hair: [e] Early – Essentials Collection
Eyes: IKON Kaleido Eyes – Legion
Ears: Schadenfreude Changeling Ears
Poses: [Gos & oOo] Pouffe – Small – Black


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