The Princess Bride….

Princess Bride

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My love is like a storybook story
But it’s as real as the feelings I feel

read below for, more info!

This is actually an unintentional post..
I just wanted to feel… pretty..

I wanted to dress up, and be a … princess for lack of a better word…

However, when I shared photos of my avatar, many people seemed to like the “look” so much that I felt compelled to share it!

So, here we are…

Since I was not going to actually blog this.. I am actually going to do a review, as well as an explanation..
So, please bare with me..

First off.. I am sure just one glance and you can see these GORGEOUS jewels~!

Well this is actually in THREE parts..

First, the obvious would be the Necklace, Head dress and earrings!
These are a new release from, Maxi Gossamer called, Ananya Teardrop Necklace Set..
I am sure I am not doing it justice… there is a BEAUTIFUL photo of it here, on Strawberry Singh’s blog!
I would LOVE to be able to make my photos look like THAT.. Beautifully done, Miss Strawberry!

Also, in the above photo your can see a glimpse of my beautiful hair..
It is made by, Mirja Mills of Emo-tions and is called, Resolutions..with this pretty tiny jeweled crown woven thru out the hair.. I actually picked this up at last months “My Attic”.. but, I thought it fit this “look” perfectly.
More on Emo-tions, later in the post.

I was looking at all the amazing photos all my contacts on flickr, and found this beautiful pose prop on, TableauVivant~’s photostream!
Now, I have this issue.. I go to a store.. mainly to buy ONE item.. and either I get side tracked and get something different, or I buy way too many things..
Now.. MY issue.. I went to the store to buy THIS!!!! and I ended up buying two totally different ones..
Due to a vender issue at the time of purchase, I wasn’t able to use the prop I originally wanted to use for this post however, the issue has since been rectified. Thank you, M4ri1yn Magic!
No big deal.. they are both amazing.
LOL now, I have to save my lindens to get the prop I actually SHOULD have gotten when I went to the store! lol..

Ok so mini review..

~Tableau Vivant~ Prop art ~ The Darkest Nights

Princess Bride

The prop is beautiful!
So creative and whimsical.. very artistic, and gives a combination of a fairytale feeling.. and maybe a feeling of sadness as well..
There is no way anyone could use this prop and not think of something creative to come up with!
You can use the poses provided OR you could pop in your own poses and use those instead.
This scene would be amazing for some couples photos..
The ONLY thing, only one thing that was… complicated was that, the poses are all in, individual pose balls… now, that as a photographer could be a wee bit, annoying.. I bit that one in the butt quickly once I figured out the poses were copyable and I pulled them all out of the balls, yes.. I rezzed each one and pulled the poses back into my inventory….. as you can see.. that is a wee bit tedious but, doable..I then added them to my posestand that I have had for YEARS from, I think it was CS studios… it was so long ago, I do not even know if they are still around.
Anyway, I am sure you all have a posestand that you love to use, so just add the poses to that, and be on your merry way.
The scenes at, ~Tableau Vivant~ are just.. amazing!
These are photos I took at the actual store OF the two sets I purchased.

~Tableau Vivant~  Props
~Tableau Vivant~  Props
Now you can see in this bottom photo how suitable it would have been for this post but, again, both sets are amazing!
You should come over to ~Tableau Vivant~ and have a look.. there are I think about 14 props? About that.
And they are all amazing.

I know I am “all over the place” today… and that is because, I have the flu (rl)… lol.
I swear, the “flu shot” is a myth.
I highly doubt it could get much worse then it is today LOL..

I said above that I wanted to say something extra about, Emo-tions.
Now I am sure many of you right now are thinking that I am going to go off on a rant…
I am not though..
I think this is a half apology.

As I have mentioned in past posts, my rl health has not been the best.
And, Second Life tends to overlap my RL and cause un-needed stresses… and sometimes even my blogging, which for the most part is fun.. it can also be demanding.

When I am feeling bad, which is alot in the past few months, I get irritable and moody and I just want to log on, grab what I can, blog it and get out.
At times, I do not want to put on a … well.. let’s go with HAIR, and then try to think of an outfit that will go nicely with it..
Truth, Exile, Alice Project, Ploom, [Iren][elikatira] are great!
Very easy to match an awesome outfit with because, they are what is a good term to explain… Universal.
You can wear these with anything!!!
And the majority of their hairs are rigged mesh, so they adapt to an avatars body.
So I do not have to worry if my hair may or may not go thru my body, or if I need a special pose to show it off better.
Emo-tions however… now again, do NOT get me wrong.. the majority of hair from, Emo-tions is very beautiful, and many avatars can pull it off well however, I find Emo-tions to be more.. role play, gorean, or fantasy.. not all the hairs but, MANY of them.. and most are not rigged mesh, so this means, I have to think of an outfit that will be… “out of the way” of the hair, and I have to think of poses that will also work.
This is why, if you go thru my posts, most of the hair that I have blogged from Emo-tions, was away from the face.
I found the pulled back hairs worked best, just like in these photos…

This is an unedited photo I did last night before I logged out of Second Life.

Feel Free to Edit

Here you can see the hair clearly.. as you can see, it is a BEAUTIFUL hair!!

I know I did not blog Emo-tions hair very often, and I hope this explains why…
I know it was my responsibility and I understand why they did not want me on their team anymore however, I tried to explain to them that I was sick and spending that much time on one item when I could easily put something together and get out of SL and rest… but, they did not understand..
I am sorry I was not a good fit.
I really hope that my future posts of, Emo-tions hair will make, Mirja happy and maybe redeem myself.. but, I understand also if it does not.

Anyway, that is my post for today..
I have one more to do over at Seraphim, so maybe you will keep an eye out…
And then I am going back to bed!

Enjoy.. info below.


Skin: Glam Affair – Amberly – America 02 D
Eyes: IKON Eternal Eyes – Black
Lashes: MG – Eyelashes – Groomed – Medium – BLACK
Ears: Schadenfreude Changeling Ears
Hair: .:EMO-tions:. * RESOLUTION * (past my attic item, LM to the mainstore)


Dress: Apple May Designs – Lavish – Ivory


Necklace Set: MG – Ananya Teardrop Necklace Set
Bracelets: *League* Pearls & Lace Jewellery Set -Natural Ivory (bracelets used only)

Prop/Poses: ~Tableau Vivant~ Prop art ~ The Darkest Nights

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