Welcome to all the new 2013 residents of, Second Life!

My Noob

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read below for, more info!

Hopefully, I can share a few “looks” with you, so you can get on your way!
Everything you see here is, FREE.

I will post the info AFTER each photo.
At the end, I will post a few favorite “resources”, and video tutorials.
As well as a couple of other freebie blogs.


2013, Noobie Day
Photo 1

Skin: [ Al Vulo! ] – [ Alyss ] – [ Wonderland GG ](wear me)
Hair: (r)M ~ c o l o u r ( D e m o ) ( b l a c k s /w T i p s )
Eyes: .ID. Mesh Eye DEMO [free pair]
Makeup: cStar Limited – Spectrum Lines Eyeliner (Violet Mafia: .::cStar::. Gift, join free group)

Dress: *COCO* Group Gift_Shirt Dress(Mesh) (Join free group)
Boots: *COCO*_Gift_SuedeBoots(Mesh)(Join free group)


Photo 2

Skin: Violet Mafia: Modish Gift (free to join group, lots of gifts.)
Hair: Exile: Rayanne Group Gift-All Colors (sub gift, check notices)
Eyes: .ID. Thank You Gift (gift in store)

Dress: coldLogic dress – london.plum (sub gift)
Shoes: Maitreya Group Gift Pumps (sub gift)


Photo 3

Skin: .::Mother Goose’s::.Siam-Group gift (free group gift)
Hair: Exile: Violetta Group Gift-All Colors (sub gift)

Top: [M.o.w] Black V Layered Tank (Bag Wear & Touch) (Group Gift)
Pants: [Motivaction] Painted grey Skinny Jeans(wear & touch) (Group gift)
Armband: Kennedy’s “Arm Band” (depraved nations, freebie room, free to join group, MANY gifts available)
Boots: ( r e d ) M i n t ~ gG 01’13 (free group gift)


My Noob again
Photo 4

Skin: .::Mother Goose’s::. Jamil-II(B)-LB (Lucky Board)
Lipstick: ::Modish:: SointoU Lipstick violet (Part of Violet Mafia gift)
Hair: TRUTH Happy 2013 Group Gift (sub notices)
Shape worn thru out, just a “make new” from my inventory. (FREE, you can make it yourself)

Dress: =Zenith=(Begie/Lace) Peplum Dress(Wear to unpack)
Shoes: Maitreya Group Gift Pumps – Tawny


My Noob
Photo 5

Skin: .::Mother Goose’s::.Joe III- (lucky board, free)
Hair: (r)M ~ meshHair No.00 ( b r o w n s ) (0L, on the wall)

Top: =Zenith=2012 X`mas Group Gift(still avail, join free group)
Leggings: Wunderland – Aztec Leggins STORE GIFT
Shoes: [ bubble ] Skully Sneakers

There we go.. these looks should get you on your way..
As you can see, these are for females HOWEVER, many of the above links, that are group gifts, also have items for men as well.
If I feel upto it this weekend, I will try and do a male one.
I made my “baby alt”, “generic” so, I could make it look male, lol.

(“sub” means, Subscriber gift. sometimes there is a board, or object, you click it to be joined to their mailing list, and sometimes will get a gift.)

A few sites that you may find useful..

Strawberry Singh: New Player resource & Tutorials.
Make sure to look at her comments, since many residents have also commented with helpful info!

Great place to pick up awesome freebies! 0L all over the place! Fabfree Headquarters .
You would also probably love their website!

A great site for Hunts about the grid, and all the info HUNT SL.

Another awesome website for, bargains, events, freebies and sales, Seraphim.

Torley Linden, has many many videos that would be awesome to watch to get a “feel” of Second Life.. He touches base on everything from, Changing your clothing to.. building!

Firestorm, has their own Youtube channel as well, and trust me.. I could watch these a million times and still learn something useful!

Alright, I need to run off to my RL but, I hope this was useful.

If you know of other places to get some awesome gifts for new OR old residents, then please feel free to comment below.

Remember to check back for updates, and comments!!


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