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There are many hunts happening right now, and very soon.
Since I do not always cover all of them, I have done a search on google to compile a few to share with you, incase you didn’t know of them yet.

Hunt Dates: Jan 15 – Jan 31

Start: Antovic
Web Site:


Courtyard Hunt
Hunt Dates: Jan 1 – Jan 31

Start: Kavisha’a Gallery
Web Site:


Cold Winter Nights Hunt
Hunt Dates: Jan 15 – Feb 15

Start: Prism
Web Site:


Bubbly Heart Hunt
Hunt Dates: Jan 20 – Feb 20

Start: Amaretto Paradise
Web Site:


Sinister Goth Sinner Hunt: Wrath
Hunt Dates: Jan 12 – Jan 31

Start: Lusca
Web Site:


What a Cold Winter Hunt
Hunt Dates: Dec 3 – Feb 1

Start: Crush
Web Site:


Glitz, Glamour & Sparkle Hunt
Hunt Dates: Jan 15 – Feb 5

Start: Close By
Web Site:


Toxic Shrooms Hunt
Hunt Dates: Jan 1 – Feb 1

Start: Kanya
Web Site:

As you can see many of these hunts are ending soon.
I don’t normally cover many hunts, only a few however, there is this awesome site called, Hunt SL… and, I use to think Seraphim was very diligent in posting events… however, I think they have met their match, and then some.
I have never seen a website so devoted to hunts!
Most of the info above was taken from there since my google searchs always brought me back there.. as well as others but, Hunt SL is the best!
Make sure to check there for MORE hunts that are going on!

I will be covering the upcoming, Jack or Jill hunt sponsored by, Depraved Nation in the coming days, and that will be awesome, of course because, nothing is ever bland with those ppl!! lol…

I really hope that you enjoyed this post, and will check out Hunt SL.
Also, check Seraphim for all events! Trust me, there are so many sales, and hunts, and freebies happening out there to make everyone happy!

xo Happy Sunday!!