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read below for, more info!

So this massive share will be.. Admiral Spicy, Elikatira, and, poses from, Severed Garden!

First up.. hair.. there is nothing that can not be over come in SL with hair therapy and as previously blogged now is the time to get your fix at, Elikatira!

These are the hairs that I picked up today… I am just going to list the names of the ones I bought.. I don’t know if they will be “in order” but, all the names will be here! LOL

Now, there are 8 here.. but, lol.. this sucks for me because, I pretty much own almost every single style..

You make me feel like - 1

Staring: Only, Sound, Horizon, Little, Theory, Garden, and Fresh….
yeah.. I think that covers the hair LOL..
The skin that I am wearing is one of my favorite releases from, Essences.. it is called, Essences – Monday – Gentle.. I don’t know if it is still available.. but, I wanted to see how my shape that I have been making looks with other skins.. and I love Essences but, sometimes I have trouble matching my shapes to the skins however, what do you think?? I think this looks nice..

Up next…

Sunny Ember creator of, Admiral Spicy is my hero as far as being in a designers blogger group.
This one is easy…
As a blogger, it is sometimes hard to manage real life, and second life… as well as other blogger groups..
It is a wonderful gift to be given something to blog, and I always try to get things up in a timely fashion but, I am only human.. sometimes, I get overwhelmed, or I FORGET!
I forget to log on once in a while and check notices.
I own up to it.. that is totally on me.. *points to above statement of only being human*.
However, Sunny doesn’t seem to ride ppl as much as some other designers..
I don’t know why.. but, for whatever the reason, I am thankful for that.
And I do try to stay on top of my Admiral blog posts!
I fell behind alittle.. but, NO WORRIES!
I have tons of items to share with you..

Welcome to January 2013.

I will post the names of the “main” items below each photo…
You make me feel like..
!Admiral Spicy! Sexy Neck Strap Dress

You make me feel like..
!Admiral Spicy! Spring Mesh Dress

You make me feel like..
!Admiral Spicy! XL Mesh Sweater

You make me feel like - 2
!Admiral Spicy! Asym Mesh Top
!Admiral Spicy! Mesh Shorts (Black)

Also.. all the poses used are new releases from, Severed Garden by Berta Avro who just opened a new pose store!
Great job, Berta! xx

Ok, I am going to go spend sometime with, Lucifer!
We need some quality time lol… and I hope that you have enjoyed the post!

xoxo thanks for reading, and thank you to the designers that provide review/blogger copies!


Skin: Essences – Monday – Gentle
Hair: [elikatira] Hair
Eyes: IKON Kaleido Eyes – Ocean
Ears: Schadenfreude Changeling Ears


All clothing from, Admiral Spicy, please read above for info!




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