Let me tell you that I love you..

Losing a beautiful sim in Second Life… is like.. losing a friend…

Lost - in your eyes

read below for, more info!

I do not know how many of you have heard but, The LostWorld by lolmac Shan is closing..
This sim has been here for so long that it likely has outlasted many “avatars”..
Likely it has been here since most of YOU were new players, and long before that.

Lost - in your eyes

I had the lucky chance to be here when the sim first opened… so, I know what we are losing.

This was the announcement sent out to fans of the sim…

Good Bye Lost World

Photo and following message by, lolmac Shan

“Hi guys,

This is it. The end of Lost World. A word that i wouldn’t have never thought write or even think a day.

The simple fact to type this text is really a huge pain in heart.…

However, today i unfortunately don’t have the choice. Yet, i wish i could keep this place safe of all my strenght.

Because i know how much people loves it….

I would like thank all the close friends who helped me to build Lost World since the beginning.

I would like thank my partners Iolanda Weidman, Seb and Cala. Their personal involvement in the build of this dream touched me really deeply.

The Nameless Coffee is an unique part of this world…lost ; Thank you to have offered us so much Io : A place called HOME
Also for have been involved as much that you’ve been in all.

I would finally like thank all of you for your support and your love of this place ; Thank you for have infuse so much emotion.

The life changes and evolves but i already know that this part will always stay one of the biggest one in so many ways.

Then again, from the bottom of my heart guys… THANK YOU ALL !

The sim will be open normally until the thursday 31 january 0h00, however we will have to start the dismantling before :
We will do it very slowly by the first old part and really from the sunday 20th.

Before that, we will organize a last big good bye PARTY at the NAMELESS COFFEE and you are ALL very welcome !!
SATURDAY 19 JANUARY from 19h00 SL TIME until late in the night !

About poses i’ve not found of solution yet, then time i figure it out, feel free to send me a note for any pose you would get ; i will send them directly at persons on request.

This announcement is posted a bit late so i will do my best to still get one week more on february but for now i can’t ensure anything.

Lost World will not die completely ; The SL and Flickr groups will stay always open and we will keep you aware about next plans !

See you soon guys.


As you can see.. this loss is going to be HUGE.
Lostworld is an ICON in Second Life..
The imagination that went into this build.. surpassed what Second Life was when they first opened, and they continued to improve over the years.

When you read this.. please, take a moment and go visit.. this will be your last chance.. as you have read, it is closing on the 31st…

Lost - in your eyes

Lost - in your eyes

Lost - in your eyes

I honestly do not know how to convey my love for this sim.. so, I have put together photos… both new and old and made a small video “montage”.. I hope that you enjoy it.. yes, I am in some of them.. lol..
Forgive my older photos.. my graphics were not so great.. lol..

To watch the video, please CLICK HERE to see it in it’s original format.

I hope that you enjoy it….

I wanted to share with you the outfit in this post..

Sysy Chapman has been a friend.. for as long as I can remember.. she is very talented, and has the most amazing personality..
This dress is one of her creations called, “Splash Dress”… there are many colors available.. I just thought the Rose color would be perfect for this post.

My jewelery set.. is one that is extremely important to me…
And, just my luck.. Second Life servers.. ATE MY SET!
I am sure many of you have had this happen.. but, for me.. most of it was a gift from, Zaara.. and… well, it just killed me to see it gone…
I repurchased the “short” necklace and I still had a few pieces that I guess I had put in the “right” place so it would not be eaten… so, I am sharing with you what I have.. and I hope that you enjoy it and head over and grab it up!

The memories of LostWorld will stay with me forever…
I am so sad to see it go.. and I hope that, lolmac, seb , cala and iolanda have amazing Second Live’s after this.

Anyway.. I am going to end this before I start to cry…
I have many memories there… it is a sad thought to lose such an amazing place.


Skin: Glam Affair – Amberly – Jamaica
Shape: .la petite morte. Lacy V2 Shape
Hair: *booN SCO052 hair red/pink/green
Hairbase: *booN center part A hairbase
Eyes: IKON Eternal Eyes – Blue-Gray
Lashes: MG – Eyelashes – Groomed – Medium – BLACK
Feet: Slink Womens Medium Barefeet Rigged
Ears: Schadenfreude Fey Ears


Dress: SYSY’s-Mesh-SPLASHdress- S – rose


Anklets: Maitreya Dragonfly Anklets (part of, the flipflolps)
Head/Necklace/Bracelet: Various Items from, Zaara : Nizam Collection
Earrings: Zaara : Ansuka pearl drop earrings *day*

Pose: Ploom



13 thoughts on “Let me tell you that I love you..

  1. Thank you so so much for your kind words Morgie ; i did read and rereadwhat your post….It brings heat at our hearts broken…

    Hug you tight girl…Thank you ❤

      • My sl is a bit down at this moment cos my RL
        Is getting more and more busy but im and will
        Be always around :-))

        I was thinking…We organizing the last party
        Of Lost World this saturday from 10.00 pst
        (19.00 europ) until late in the night, would you
        Like play dj a couple of hours ?


      • Morgie ! We changed the hour of the party to match more with all time zones ; it will start tonight sat at 12 pm :-))

      • Yay !! You can even do it a couple of hours later to be more comfortable cos Simone Peterman starts at 12pm

        No, sorry, i haven’t stream dedicated , usually djs bring their stream and i copy/paste it in the media of the sim. I will be online sooner if you need anything :-)))

      • I do not have a stream atm, I have not been DJing in sometime.. I will try to get one but, I don’t think I can.
        I will ask Allen but, short of that, I am unsure of what I can do…

      • Do as you can Morgie, i know that is short, don’t worry if you can’t get it, i just want you to know that the most important is …you being with us ❤

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