The sweetest voices, touch our hearts…

Listening to this.. made my heart cry..

The sweetest voices, touch our hearts...

read below for, more info!

Having just seen the 2012 remake of, Les Misérables my mind.. is on hyper over drive..
The power in the performances.. surprised me..
I saw many of the reviews.. some good, some bad.. but, nothing was going to stop me from seeing it.

Honestly.. it is amazing. The actors performed LIVE.. no pre recording, all live..
Anne Hathaway’s performance.. just.. omg.. so, AMAZING.
I felt what her creator felt.. it made me break down in tears… and really, isn’t that what makes an amazing performance? When you can connect with the singer?
Many of the actors were amazing.. and I was happy to see so many familiar faces!
If you have not yet see this movie.. I think you should!

And now on to today’s post!

Heather Beebe owner of, Rockberry Skins has been a contact of mine for many years.. and before that we chatted from time too time..
She is very talented.
I have often watched her flickr stream and seen people either liking, or not liking her skins.. but, she just holds her head up high, and says.. well can’t please EVERYONE.. and that is true!
Personally, I love her skins.. I have seen ehr come so far in the skin making biz on SL and I am very proud of her!

I would love to share with you, [Rockberry] – Apple!

The sweetest voices, touch our hearts...
The sweetest voices, touch our hearts...

My photos are UNEDITED other then the framing! And I am using a windlight setting by, Strawberry Sign.
Make sure that you try a demo, to find YOUR perfect tone!

I also wanted to share this awesome Jacket/Shirt combo!
It was made by Kehl Razor of, Razorblade Jacket!
New Release @ The Mainstore – 299L and has an 8 color changer Hud.
Demos are free at the mainstore and included are 5 Sizes XXS – L ..

The sweetest voices, touch our hearts...

Also shown above are, Kavar Cleanslate’s newest releases over at, Exile: Don’t Wait, Little Talks & Stay the Night…
I have tried to show more of the ranges of colors available! Since I normally only use blonde.. but, there are so many colors to choose from!
And, like many other designers, Kavar actually has packs that are “naturals” for those of you who are like me, and are undecided of what color to get.. so, no loss!

So that is my post for today.. make sure to check things out and also check out the movie, if you have not already.
Enjoy your day! xoxo

PS: I have updated my review policies.. I thought it was time to be more.. descriptive. Thank you for considering me! xo


Skin: ROCKBERRY V2 Apple Light
Shape: {Anatomy} – Alli
Eyes: IKON Eternal Eyes – Blue-Gray
Hair: Exile New Releases
Ears: Schadenfreude Fey Ears


Top: Razor /// Ballistic Nylon Half Coat & Shirt – Camo

Pose: Ploom – Coy


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