It’s the end of the YEAR!

Hey everyone!

Its The End of the YEAR

read below for, more info!

I wanted to post one more blog before the end of the year.. and what better then a, SHAPE post?

As many of you know, in the past I have always gotten my shapes from either, Pekka OR Annaa... and don’t get me wrong, I still love their shapes however, I have found a new (to me) brand that I love, MORE.

Now, if you have paid attention, and I know you do, you have seen me wearing the same shape, despite the “promise” I made myself about changing things up some to show that the stuff I like looks awesome on other shapes, lol, and that shape was, {Anatomy} – Laurie…
Laurie was my favorite shape of the YEAR… out of all the shapes I wore this year, Laurie was the one I was obsessed over……
The creator’s name is, Glitch Grantham and is such a doll!!
I was given 3 new shapes to try out and blog.. and you know.. I can not choose which is my #1 favorite out of all of them.
The names are, Alli, Carmen & Lauren..
The photos that I am wearing my full on outfit are worn with, Carmen… and, I think.. this is another “go to ” shape.. however, I could see myself wearing ALL of the shapes, so..
Thank you, Glitch for making it possible for me to stay true to my self imposed promise! Now I CAN switch things up!

Its The End of the YEAR

I will post a few cute photos of the shapes, in different skins, and such… but, first.. let’s talk about this “look” of mine.

The skin… well, it is from, Glance!… I have seen their skins on other avatars on, Flickr, many many times… but, never really went by to test them out!

After seeing something similar to what I am wearing, on Whisper Mizin’s blog post “Rock your body”, I decided to drop by, and test them out!

I grabbed ALL the demos…
Went home and cycled thru ALL of them…
I ended up coming down to two choices, and not knowing what one to get…. I decided on Lana because, “she” has that, “not so innocent” look to her.
ALL of my skins seem…. very, innocent.. and I wanted something a little more.. risque.

I don’t know if any of you know this but, NV (Madworld) had a sale this weekend.. I meant to blog it but, with RL and bad connection to the internet (as many of you likely saw me log on and off about 30x), I didn’t manage to do it however, it is not like Isiss Bade’s prices are overly expensive in the first place!
So, take my word for it, you WANT to check out this store, if you have not already… or, if maybe you just have not been there in years!
I was just telling, Lucifer that this is one of my absolute favorite mesh stores in, Second Life..
There are others, sure but, I love the fact that you can get almost everything that you want here.. glam, grunge, casual.. whatever… one stop shopping.
So, from this store.. I am wearing in these photos, my “enter at your own risk” top and this cute little skirt..
I am always looking for just something to wear under those “long tops” or “too short, dresses”… and this just fits perfectly.. and there is also, UNDERPANTS!!!! lol…
Have you ever noticed, MOST mesh dresses, do not include a pantie layer???

So, last night I was searching HIGH and LOW for those garter socks… and I still have not found the ones that I actually wanted but, I found some really nice substitutes.
I chose to wear, Nena Janus’s Side Gartered Stockings from, League.
They came pretty close, and there are so many colors..

Its The End of the YEAR

Another couple things that I picked out of, Whisper’s post were, my HAIR, and headphones..
I wanted a hair to match my skin and I think this look is nice…
Once in a while I go dark.. I think it is good to mixed things up a bit.
My hair is from, Fab-U-Lous.. see? I was RIGHT!
Many people have been asking me where this whole skin/hair/eyes combo was from and tho I knew, I just could not remember EXACT spellings while I was not at my pc. lol.

The head phones are from, ::Zup:: and are mesh!
I have never actually heard of, Carolina Kayor before reading, Whisper’s blog post… but, I needed a nice pair of headphones, for blogging and just for general “feel” when I am djing… what can I say, I am very… method!
The store is very cute, and there are these “outfits” that you can purchase… like full outfits… shoes, clothing, accessories…. and some have extras… just have to go by and take a look!

My boots…. many of you have heard what happened with Market Place…
I really, honestly wish that Linden Labs would fix their BUGS & ISSUES before piling more “new and improved” things on top of the problems… honestly, I think that is why alot of things are messing up!

So, in the end, the issue that happened with MP was solved but, it should not have been the designer that had to fix something LL mucked up.. but, he did and I am grateful.
Thank you, JB! *hugs*

I was alil sad at the mess up, and I got moody for DAYS but, I am much more happy NOW…

You have to try these boots.
They are mesh, come in, I think four colors, but don’t quote me on that, it could be more!
They are unisex!! Or rather there are male and female sizes in the package, and they are just awesomesause! (translation? they are just GREAT).
Thank you to my sister, Rudhmellowen Laguna for sharing these with me, they really are GREAT!
Btw, if you have not had the chance, please go take a look at my sister’s blog, Rudhs Random Ramblings !
There are alot of cool things to read about there, and I am sure you will love her style as much as I do.

Let’s see… what else is there.. OMG!!
Did you hear that, MEDLEY is closing??
I do not know how much longer it is open for but, it seems that so many stores are ending… TOMORROW.. so if you do not know the store, GET YOUR HINEY TO HER STORE!!
Many of you always ask me where my teeth are from… they are from, Medley… and this is your last chance to get them.

My jewelery!
On my hands are from, +:+WTG+:+…

I am going to give my honest opinion here..and I know how wonderfully THAT has been taken over the past year but, you know what…. without people that are brave enough to actually speak their minds, where the hell would we be now??

+:+WTG+:+’s creator, Tosy Xue is AMAZING!!!
Imaginative, amazing, talented.

Keep that in mind when I post this.. because, I know many of you are designers, and you stick together, and GOD! you ppl can be mean and hurtful when someone says something you do not like… but.
With the above sinking in..
I really wanted to go and buy something NEW from, Tosy‘s store..
I landed.. and I lagged out …. I closed all my apps.. I lowered my settings, turned EVERYTHING low… and I still had issues…but, OK… maybe that was my connection… so, we can look past that…
First.. I could not find the new releases…. then, when I finally did… I got lost.. it is a VERY HUGE STORE…
As I said, all their items are TOP NOTCH AND BEAUTIFUL…
Gorgeous items… amazing detail.. but, the store… build? is just.. alil much to take in… I ended up deciding to just blog what I have because, I could not figure out what was “new”… so, I went with what I have because, I know it is something I love…. I don’t even know if it is still available because, I tried to do an area search… and I could not find it………..
Now, please… do NOT , NOT go by just because I personally had issues….. you may have a better pc then I do.. and you may have more of an attn span then me… so, please, lay off the hate mail and drama… I don’t need it, and really, neither do you.
I love, Tosy’s designs.. for now, I will just stay with the “events” items til either there is a new store layout OR I get a better PC.

AGAIN!!! I love my dragons… very very much… and I hope that you are able to find them because, I really think that you would enjoy them.. or something else from their store!

So, what else do I have on in these photos….. OH, derp.. my tattoo…

So, my sister, Krizze and I were out shopping and something about HER tattoo… looked.. familiar.. so, I asked her where she got it… and she told me it was from, <> Designs.. a MP store… so, I did a search in my inventory and low and behold, I OWN IT!.
You would be surprised at how often I find things that, I just do not remember buying in the first place.
Anyway, lol I decided to wear it for this post.

My sis Kriz and I shopping

As you can see…. this is a HUGE post.. so much going on and so much to say… so little time left for 2012 and I want to share so much, and I am sure I am going to forget something.. and if I forgot you or your store.. please, bare with me for the new year.. I will work harder if I need too…

So, here are your shape photos, each one with the corresponding names!!
(sorry that they are only head shots.. I just say the TIME!! It is almost 11:30 pm here on the East coast, and I want to be with my family.. not on the pc!! lol)

Its The End of the YEAR

Its The End of the YEAR

Its The End of the YEAR

I also wanted to do one lineup to show you each shape in the Glance skin.. just so you could see that, EVERY shape, changes how a skin can look on you.. so, make sure to try a demo before making a judgment!

Its The End of the YEAR

To see this larger, try this link!

Anyway!! That is it for tonight.. I may post tomorrow, as long as I get back to the city in time!
I hope you all take care, and enjoy the New Year, and well.. that’s all.. and thank you for following my blog..

xoxox – Morgana Hilra



Skin: *Glance Skins – Lana – Sunkissed SKIN PACK
Hair: ::::Fab-U-Lous:::: Ally-B (Black )
Eyes: IKON Kaleido Eyes – Legion
Shape Used for “lotd”: {Anatomy} Carmen
Teeth: [M] Sculpted Teeth – Small Gap
Nails: +:+WTG+:+ **Dragon Fes**[F] jeweled nails
Lashes: MG – Eyelashes – Groomed – Medium – BLACK


Top: [NV] Loose Shirt -At your own RISK-
Skirt: [NV] MINI SKIRT PANA -Black-
Boots: J’s Studded Long boots (BLACK)


Headset: ::Zup:: Mesh HeadPhones #03 (Neck)

POSES: – Label Motion –



  1. Awwww thank you for the shout out to my little blog… I love doin what I do, never going to be a fashionista like you are honey, but one day I will try to make photos as great as yours… Till then I fill my blog with random and hope no one notices LOL!!! *hugs*

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