Why does it have to be…. so COLD???

I am not a winter person…

Why does it have to be so cold

read below for, more info!

Don’t get me wrong.. it is pretty to LOOK at.. and I love love loveeee Christmas.. but, other then that.. the cold, wet, snow.. the black ice.. the moronic people that THINK they know how to drive and blame everyone BUT, themselves if they get into accidents… nope.. not my thing!

However, I love Christmas/Winter colors.. and this year is just awesome.

My RL brother, Jay gave me lindens instead of a gift this year because, he knows I will always use it to blog with!
So… I went to the Zodiac…
And.. lost almost all of it..
Yeah.. I am as stated in the past, a GACHA FREAK!
If I could unlimited funds, I would camp these things til I died.

Todays obsession are the horns from, Tyr Rozenblum.

Auxiliary - Dreams End Horns - GACHA - 50L to play

These are just… GORGEOUS!

At 50L a play, you would think you could sooner or later get your goal.. right?
BAHAHAHAHHAHAHAHA… I got many gold, and many copper… hell, if there is someone out there that would like to trade with me, let me know in world and I will be more then willing to do so!
Atm I have, Copper, Gold, Onyx and Ivory … and I think, Obsidian to trade lol… yeah.. I played alot..

However, I did manage to get ONE rare!!
And I took a couple shots of them so you could see how pretty these are!

Why does it have to be so cold

My kingdom for the, Unicorn!!

Siiiigh, I don’t know if I will get them but, that doesn’t mean that you can not go try!

And hey.. if you get doubles of something NOT mentioned above.. CALL ME lol..

Listed below is all the info and some freebies, so make sure to stop by and grab your gifts, or visit the stores!

Merry Xmas!

Please take a moment and go wish, Tyr Rozenblum a very, Happy Birthday!


Skin: With Love From… Lara Hurley SKin [#18] (10L)
Hair: *~*Damselfly*~*Harper (New Release)
Eyes: pc eyes – classic gen4 – m/r – oriental pearl (FREE)
Horns: [Aux] In Dreams – Horns – Squall RARE (50L per random play)
Shape: [ glow ] studio Summer Shape (MODIFIED)

Dress: !gO! Ami dress (was from, xyroom)
Boots: lassitude & ennui – Cupcake patchwork boots (FREE)


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