darkness becomes them.

Dressing to match!


read below for, more info!

Bare Rose is PERFECT for that!

Lucifer and I went shopping today.
He had a mini make over.. yes, to someone that doesn’t KNOW him.. would think it was extreme when you see before and after photos of him.. but, for someone like me, that knows him well… it is more like, 2007 meets.. 2013.. lol.. he is ready, and looks hot!
Not that he didn’t before but, now.. I don’t know..
You be the judge.

We got these matching outfits from, Bare Rose.. each were about 190L.. and they are complete outfits.. shoes, jacket, etc..


I chose to make some seriously dramatic photos.. because, our relationship is so full of feeling that, they just push out thru my photos.. and these all look awesome in my eyes!

Anyway, I wanted to share these.. and share how awesome MY guy looks. lol.

I will do my best to write everything we are wearing, since I am blogging from a laptop and I am unable to log on to SL to get the EXACT items.. but, I am confident I will get close.

Together - December 2012

Luc is wearing:


Skin: Dylan – Med 1 – Belleza
Shape: .Pekka. Brad Shape
Hair: Dura – 23 boy girl
Eyes: Ikon – Group Gift


Outfit: Bare Rose – Zot

Morgie is wearing:


Skin: Glam Affair – Amberly – Frost (COLLABO88)
Shape: Anatomy – Laurie
Hair: Wasabi Pills – Veronica

Eyes: Ikon – Eternal – Glacier
Ears: Beetlebones – Mesh Elf Ears


Outfit: Bare Rose – Zot/Female


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