The Dressing Room – Fusion!

So as you may have heard.. “The Dressing Room” events have changed!
No more, main or blue.. now we have, FUSION.

TDR Fusion

And man is it, AWESOME!

read below for, more info!

I took a photo of a couple things I really liked… but, in order to see it.. you need to, CLICK THIS LINK and have your “mature rating on”……..
Featured in this photo are, Hair from Truth Hawks a new release called, Bianca.
Skin from, Al Vulo called, Jade 2. And a lovely lingerie set from, BOOM called I promise.
And of course.. I gave into my obsession and wore my shape from, Glitch Grantham of Anatomy and the shape is called, Laurie... DEEP BREATH! And my eyes.. as though I really NEED to tell you because, I am sure, if you follow my blog you know the answer, are from, Ikon..!!

I know it is a strange way to blog but, til I get the PG thing in order this was the best idea..

Anyway.. this is your limo to The Dressing Room Fusion.. and all the photos I managed to get while there.. I think I have covered it all!

TDR - Fusion - 1
TDR - Fusion - 2
TDR - Fusion - 3
TDR - Fusion -4
TDR - Fusion - 4


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